Dealing with Yahoo Email

Get spammed lately? I was. Here's the email apology from the person whose Yahoo email account was "possessed":
I guess I am getting spamed - I contacted Yahoo! and have run scans on my computer and can find nothing - so please just delete anything from me with a crazy subject. Sorry again. What you gotta love is when I try to send this message to everyone in my address book, it is stopped by the Yahoo! spam filter :0(
My response:

A colleague's Yahoo account was hacked by a spammer two months ago. We went through the process of shutting down his email account and switching him over to Gmail. May I encourage you to do the same?
Step 1 - Export your Yahoo Mail contacts to a text file and save that on your computer.
Step 2 - Get Free Gmail Account and import contacts from your Yahoo account
Step 3 - Set up the vacation message on your account announcing your new Gmail account address and the account will be terminated at a particular date.
Step 4 - Cancel Yahoo Account on announced date.
Final step? Don't look back. 

What would your's have been?

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