eRate Mandated Cyberbullying Programs

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How's your cyberbullying program shaping up?

U.S. schools receiving federal E-Rate funding to support Internet access will be required to shore up cyberbullying programs and educate students on the proper use of social networks and tools. The Federal Communications Commission said the rule-making adheres to the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act.

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Some other points to keep in mind:

  • The Federal Communications Commission said it will issue an order to schools receiving funds from the E-rate program, which subsidizes school Internet access, to address cyberbullying and improper use of sites like Facebook and MySpace.

    The FCC said the order would put its regulations in line with the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act.
  • E-rate funded schools, which the FCC said represent the "vast majority of schools," must have Internet safety policies and filters to prevent access to inappropriate content.
  • To further its education agenda, the FCC will also host a forum on kids' use of mobile technology on December 1.
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Smaug said…
Hi Miguel,

so, we're now supposed to police student use of their private cell phones on their privately purchased cell plan? I can hardly wait for the inevitable lawsuits over that.

All our schools ban use of social networks at school via a content filter; even the teachers and administrators can't get to Facebook/Twitter/Plurk, unless they have the magic passwords.

So, how are we supposed to do this, again?
Mark Lawton said…
Great item thanks,

The world should be aware of this problem, as children and people just want a smooth life, to enjoy themselves and have friends.

Mark Lawton

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