Embedding Single-Play FLV Video in #Moodle (Updated)

Update: The FLV solution using JWPLAYER works like a charm in Moodle 2.0.


Forget what I wrote earlier since it didn't work on my Mac browsers (although it worked flawlessly on UbuntuLinux...go figure). You can see what success looks like online as of Friday, 12/3/2010. Obviously, the link will go down after awhile.

How to Embed FLV Video in Moodle 2.0 HTML Block
You can see what success looks like at http://excel.saisd.net/itech as of Friday, 12/3/2010.
  1. Download JWPLAYER, a free Flash video player and put it on your server in a directory somewhere that's easy to link to.
  2. Use this embed code (copy-n-paste the code into HTML block while in HTML view) replacing the the 2 links. The first link goes to the location of JWPlayer's "player.swf" file and the second link to your video
  3. Try it out!
If you like, you can just change the blue code to try it out (smile).
The source for this eureka moment--because i never would have figured it out--is this forum post.

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