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Thanks to Chris Bell for making me aware of this via the Google-Certified Teachers list....
Please take a break from your hectic schedule and join us on Tuesday, November 9 @ 4:00 PM PST for our monthly eLSIG webinar featuring guest presenter Michael Wacker from Denver Public Schools.
Michael will share his experience building an online professional development infrastructure. According to Michael, “...building an online professional development infrastructure from scratch is tough. Doing it in a transparent, open, collaborative manner makes it easier not harder. In Denver we have turned traditional pd on its head by not only opening all of the courses being built to the public, but looking and exploring at ways of moving away from traditional “in-seat” rewards and paying for attendance to instead an environment where eventually the community will drive the content”.
About Michael
Michael Wacker works in the Office of Teacher Learning and Leadership Department as the Online Professional Development Coordinator for Denver Public Schools in Colorado. He focuses on systemic and sustainable infusion of technology into instruction and the curriculum as well as the facilitation and online availability of professional development for DPS educators. He has presented and facilitated
workshops at national and local conferences with a focus on learning and leading in the 21st Century, the philosophy of web 2.0, blended learning environments, professional development, and sound integration of technology in the classroom. His unique perspective of classroom and central experience as well as his depth of knowledge around IT support and troubleshooting bring authentic ideas and possibilities to each group he works with. Michael holds a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, with an emphasis on course design and facilitation.
Come join the conversation and connect with us on Elluminate at We hope to see you there!

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