Monday, October 4, 2010

Why the iPad

A colleague (Don Hindsley (Email:, Whiteface ISD in Texas) recently responded to why use an iPad in's the rationale he shared. Do you agree with him?

As a college instructor and professor from 1971 to 1999, I wish I had had something like this [an iPad]. In the late 80's I finally was able to find a display that went on top of an overhead projector, and connected to my personal laptop, permitted me to demonstrate and model what I was teaching (French. Latin, Classical Literature, Intro to Computer apps, Statistics, Programming Logic. etc . for instance). I never sat and preferred to teach walking around the room, engaging every single student, whether it was a senior level class with 5-10 students, or a freshman class with 65.
Now I could teach without ever being tied to my computer or the front of the room. I can hardly wait to retire from public school administration next year and go back to the college classroom.

With our laptops (HS students all have one), and we have carts in other areas (MS and Elem), and with Citrix, all students (and teachers) have access to all apps at school or away. They just log onto our website and select "Citrix Access from Home". Nothing has to be installed, although we do install OpenOffice on laptops and DocsToGo on the iPads.

The iPad using Crazy Remote permits the teacher to move untethered around the classroom, motivating, cajoling, engaging ALL students.

With the iPad they control everything on their wired computer: unlike the Mobi and similar wirelss tablets, you actually SEE the computer screen, so you don't have to look at the large screen at the front of the classroom or run back to your wired computer, but instead can focus on the students, glancing occasionally at the iPad, or handing it to a student to answer a question.

We've pretty much tried all of the apps that connect the iPad to the wired computer, and Crazy Remote beats them all, hands-down. Its' beauty is being tied to a specific IP address, and utilyzing all of the resources of that wired computer. And students would still be filtered as they are connecting, even over the Meru wireless at school, through our WebSense server.
Has the iPad had such a profound effect in your school or district?

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dang1 said...

My son's Math textbook is online, and he accesses it through the browser on our $250 netbook, while having Facebook chat open and Yahoo Answer also in a browser window, and video chatting on Yahoo Messenger. All, for $250, I think that's a better deal

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