Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CyberSecurity Awareness Month - What Schools Are Doing

We are going to have to do a presentation on Cyberbullying after a bogus Facebook page appeared. Anyone have any resources?

October is National CyberSecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM)! That fact--not to mention recent events in the news about cybersafety and digital citizenship--make it a perfect opportunity to discuss what your school or school district is doing to enhance awareness.

CyberSecurity Awareness encompasses a variety of topics, but technology directors recently shared resources regarding CyberSafety and Digital Citizenship. Here are some links to the web site:

 Here are there are responses to the query at the top of this blog entry:
  • We were in an audio conference with Walsh Anderson Attorneys at Law, and they reminded us that in 2009, the Texas Legislature added 33.07 to the Penal Code which makes it a third degree felony to use the name or persona of another to create a web page or to post messages on social networking sites absent the person's consent and with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate or threaten another. That law also creates the possibility of a Class A misdemeanor charge where a person sends an email, instant message, or text message, referencing the name, domain address, phone number, or identifying information of another person without consent and with the intent to harm or defraud.
  • Education Service Center, Region IV wiki about Internet Safety including cyberbullying.
  •  Spurger ISD's Facebook Policy
  • Stephen Heppel's Facebook Resources
  • San Antonio ISD's CyberSafety/Digital Citizenship Resources
    Disclosure: This is my school district. The work is headed up by one my team members, Stephanie Correa (scorrea2@saisd.net), Technology Integration Facilitator.
  •  Ronnie Gonzalez, Navasota ISD's Delicious links:http://www.delicious.com/network/ronniegonzalez/cyberbullying?page=1

Here are a few other resources I highlighted in a previous blog entry on using Moodle to facilitate CyberSafety resource sharing and conversations.

Lewisville ISD Moodle:

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Holly Lara said...

Hi Miguel,
The MS librarian and I did a "Parenting in the Digital World" presentation last year to our middle school parents. First, using a Google form, we surveyed all our students (anonymously) and as many parents as we could get to take the survey. It was about media consumption in general, but there were some questions about kids' interactions online. No surprise, but highly interesting, were the results that parents were very concerned about their child being the victim of cyberbullying, but not very many were concerned their child might be the bully. Who do we suppose is doing the bullying then? We discussed the idea of talking about both points of view with their kids, not just the victim's experience. Here's a link to our presentation and resources used (click my name). Obviously, our commentary is missing, so this may seem incomplete. Common Sense Media was our source for the survey questions. We found that the conversation was much more powerful using our own data in conjunction with national statistics.

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