Sue Harris Accepted for 2010 Global Education Conference #globaled10

Colleague Sue Harris has been accepted to present at the 2010 Global Education Conference (#globaled10) in November, 2010!

Her session information appears below:
TITLE: Question+Reply+Moodle+Motivation
PRESENTER: Sue Harris, San Antonio ISD (USA)
FORMAT: Presentation
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Learn how the use of Moodle in the classroom can improve critical thinking skills, writing and reading. Through the use of Online Literature Circles and Student News Network discussion forums students can share their opinions and reply to other classrooms and their peers. Sign your class up for this collaborative experience hosted on a safe Web 2.0 tool.
TRACK: Curriculum

She was kind enough to share the email notifying her of the selection to present, and an excerpt appears below because it shows how the conference organizers are planning everything out:

Congratulations!  Your session for the 2010 Global Education Conference has been accepted.  We are delighted that you will be presenting, and your session has been listed on the website at  (These listings will be organized and updated by track and scheduled time in the coming week.)

Here is some important information:

1.  You now need to schedule your session time.  The conference is November 15 - 19, 2010, and session slots are one hour (although you do not need to present for the full time, you must finish within an hour, including any Q&A).  Please sign up quickly as there are limited slots and you'll want to make sure you get a time that is convenient for you.

To schedule your session time, please go to and choose your preferred start time.  (Be sure to set the time zone to your local time zone before doing so!)  If you are not able to present at any of the available times, please email me back with details of your time constraints.

2.  Make sure your computer is configured to run Ellluminate by going to  Elluminate is the software platform for the conference.  You will get the best results if you have a headset with microphone for your presenting that you have tested in advance.

3.  Please attend one of the training sessions for presenters. (Training sessions in languages other than English will be emailed shortly.)  Training will be one hour, with time for Q&A and to make sure you are comfortable.  To enter a training session, use the link:
4.  Please publicize the conference and your session!  

Press releases, flyers, graphics and badges are available at  Please post these where appropriate.

The Twitter account for the conference is  Encourage others to follow this account for information about the conference.

The "hashtag" for the conference is #globaled10.  If you are a Twitter user, please consider announcing your acceptance as a speaker and use this tag.

5.  Please visit the Global Education Wiki at if you want to contribute to the wiki or participate in the Global Education Mentor program, either to help or be helped by another educator doing global connecting projects.  More information is here:

Again, congratulations on your participation, and thank you for being willing to contribute!

Best regards,

Steve Hargadon
Co-chair, 2010 Global Education Conference
916-899-1400 cell / stevehargadon on Skype & Twitter

You can see the complete list of presentations online!

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