Friday, October 8, 2010

Revisiting Silverlock and Literary Characters

Thanks to Skip Z via Plurk, I was thrilled to read about 7 books for children that feature other books as main characters. The blogger on the site describes it in this way, "seven books for children in which books have a starring role." 

When I first read the blog title, I was immediately reminded of John Myers Myers "Silverlock," even though that's not what the 7 books are about. A little about Silverlock:
This novel is about A. Clarence Shandon, who is rescued from a life of quiet despair by adventuring in the Commonwealth of Letters, the allegorical land of great literature. His guide is a man well-traveled in the Commonwealth, who seems to be all the great storytellers of fiction embodied in one person.
How fascinating to read this portion of text about Silverlock:

In her essay on her father, “John Myers Myers: The Last Goliard”, Celia Myers likens her father to the Goliard Poets – vagabond bards and vagrant scholars of 12th century Europe who were rejected by their society for their irreverent verse and refusal to conform to their society’s norms. He, like they, was a maverick scholar, who refused to play by the rules of academia and the literary establishment, and was without a home in his own age.
Read more:

Refusing to play by the of the 7 books mentioned in the blog entry cited at the start of this entry is "It's a book." I enjoyed watching the YouTube video of the book, even though it's clearly a throwback to the past.

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