Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Publish Yourself

Like any other writer, publishing engages me at a visceral level, getting my blood pumping and endorphins or some other body drug cycling through my system. While I don't understand the physiology of good feelings that result from writing--and why it happens to me--I do recognize it. And, like any drug addict, I'm hooked on the thrill I get from blogging and clicking on PUBLISH POST button at the bottom of a blog entry.

Barnes and Noble's new service--PUB IT--offers us all a great opportunity--to take our writing and publish it to a listening audience. While there are many tools available now to get that job done (you can probably make your own list of ePublishers), seeing the possibilities open up on Barnes and Noble was gratifying:
PubIt! by Barnes & Noble is an online, self-service Web portal where independent publishers and authors can upload their eBooks and make them available for sale through the Barnes & Noble eBookstore.
This easy-to-use distribution platform offers qualified users the expanded distribution, visibility, and protection that only Barnes & Noble can offer.
eBooks, essays, articles, poems, and short stories sold through the Barnes & Noble eBookstore are available for sale on, NOOK eBook Readers, and our free NOOK eReading software for iPad, iPhone/iPod touch, Android, PC, etc.
 Of course, the remark in italics above isn't quite right. In fact, it's completely inaccurate, but what do you expect in a commercial web site? That said, glad to see Barnes and Noble joining in!

It would be nice to imagine students being able to publish their writing/art anthologies online, wouldn't it, after creating their ePub document? Parents could buy them...or they could be made available for free.

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