Sunday, October 3, 2010

MyNotes - iPads for All

Isn't it funny that most educators implementing new technologies use the same kind of language to describe it?

  • Immersed in tech
  • innovative
  • fun
  • better way to learn
  • natives vs immigrants
How could we describe the use of new technologies in our schools that didn't sound so...trite?

clipped from
NASELLE — Rural schools are not always described as innovative,
progressive or technologically savvy, but officials at Naselle High
School are hoping to change the stereotypes.
"Kids today are immersed in technology," said Jon Tienhaara, the
high school's vice principal and the district business manager. "We
want to tap into their enthusiasm and teach them at the same
"For these kids, technology is natural," she said. "It's
"It's a better way to learn," Austin Smith said. "And, if
teachers make it fun, then students will learn."
Both boys agree schools will continue using technology to help
students learn and they are proud their small, rural school is
among those blazing the trail.
"We refer to (students) as technology natives and we are
technology immigrants," he said.
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