MyNotes - Connecting Instructional Tech PD to Teacher Outcomes

Source: Martin, W., Strother, S., Beglau, M., Bates, L., Reitzes, T., Culp, K. M. (2010). Connecting instructional technology professional development to teacher and student outcomes. JRTE 43 (1), p 53-74.

  1. ...the lack of obvious alignment between technology PD (which has traditionally focused on software and other electronic resources) and the highly specified content areas teachers need to cover to prepare students for state assessments has made it dificult for research to show connections between technology PD and student outcomes.
  2. PD that makes an explicit connection between technology and specific types of instruction that have been shown to be effective can establish a viable chain of reasoning in which technology use can be linked to changes in student learning.
  3. Teachers who have successfully integrated technology in the classroom reported experiencing PD that helps them to understand how technologies can conect to curriculum and standards and provides a sound pedagogical approach.
  4. More time spent planning lessons during classroom visits was associated with a higher-quality lesson plan, whereas more time spent on technical assistance and problem-solving were associated with lower quality lesson plans.
  5. High quality PD programs take a considerable amount of time to evolve to the point where effects can be measured...the expense associated with the creation, refinement and maintenance of PD programs that incorporate the elements noted...should not be underestimated.
  6. PD that adheres to the recommended practices is often time and labor intensive, but research consistently shows that factors such as a long duration, ongoing coaching and support and a close connection to practice are essential for PD to have an impact.
  7. Because technology PD in particular is still so often perceived as one-shot workshops focused on specific software, hardware, or resources, this study provides a counterpoint that shows how instructional-technology PD, integrated into a comprehensive PD program, may lead to effective technology integration that can have positive outcomes for students.

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dgende said…
Great posting!
At our school here in Dallas, we are requiring for our teachers to create their Individual Plans for 21st Century IP21, and then tailoring their PD to their goals.
You can see it here:

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