Miguel's Updated List of Top 10-15 Must-Have Android Apps

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After trying to root my phone--successfully but unproductively--I found myself rethinking all the apps on my phone. 

Here is my revised list of must-have apps from the Android Market...the list may be different for you depending on your needs and interests. If so, I hope you'll share what's on YOUR phone that's not on MY phone!

  1. PDAnet - Hook your phone to your laptop/netbook and you can get access to the Internet irrespective of any other network connections/filters. Works great on Windows and Macintosh platforms.
  2. Opera Mini-Browser - A wonderful, fast replacement to the built-in browser. 
  3. Battery Management Tools
    • Battery Widget - Easily track your phone's battery life so you don't have to keep charging it every two seconds.
    • APNDroid - This is a wonderful battery-saving widget. You can tap it to turn on/off your 3G/GPRS/EDGE connection. Turning off these services while in a WiFi zone enables you to continue using the internet, saving battery life. 
    • ToggleWiFi - Allows you turn your WiFi on and off with a single tap. 
    • TasKiller Free - Allows you to terminate all--or be selective--apps that are running on your phone. This can save battery life.
  4.  HandCent - This is a great replacement to the built-in SMS client on Android OS, and worth getting immediately and making as your default.
  5. AppsUninstaller - This allows you to bulk uninstall apps installed on your phone. A time saver for sure! 
  6. AppBackupReinstall - Need to backup your Android Phone apps just in case to your SD card? Use this free program.
  7. TonePicker - Allows you to select any audio on your phone as your ringtone, not just the built-in Android sounds.
  8. Audio Player - Easily listen to audio (podcasts) files using one or both of these:
    • MortPlayer - Allows you to listen to music/audio files. I like to use this audio player to listen to music and the next item below to play podcasts.
    • TinyPlayer - A very simple audio player, great for podcast playing.
  9. Email Programs - Finding the right email programs can be a pain. Here are the two I highly recommend and that work great!
    1. MS Exchange with ActivSync Needed? Get NitroDesk's TouchDown ($20)
    2. Need a POP/IMAP Email Program? Get K-9 Email Android App (free)
  10. OI File Manager -  Use this file manager to move, delete files on your SD card. Very handy, convenient. For industrial strength work, consider EStrong's File Manager.
And, to add a few more to my top 10 list as a bonus:
  • APG - Are you into Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) albeit free open source encryption? Use APG to get it done. Works great and integrates with K-9 Email to encrypt email and files (as well as decrypt them).
  • KeepassDroid - This program allows you to store your confidential username and passwords in an easy to access database that is encrypted.
  • QR Code Reader - Quickly Scan QR codes off web pages and printed documents to install software on your phone or capture data. You can also make your own bar codes, which is fun. Two apps to search for in the Market include Lynkee or BarCode Reader. 
  • Flixster's Movies - Find out what the movie times are at the local theatre...this app looks them up based on your location.
  • Social Networks - Keep up with your social networks using these tools:
    • Plurk? Use Pluroid or PlurQ
    • Twitter? Use Seesmic or Tweetdeck for Android
    • Facebook? Use the Facebook Android app
    • Ping.fm? Use Anypost to send out information to your entire network.
  • Virtual Recorder - Need an audio recorder? Use this to turn your phone into one. Let's you email the recorded audio to wherever you need.

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