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Mac Antivirus Solutions #windows #ubuntulinux

If you're a Mac user--and I am, although I prefer UbuntuLinux most of the time, my Mac work mostly done at work rather than home unless I'm getting ready for a keynote presentation--then you probably need not fear the viruses that creep by night into your email inbox.

If you have a Mac, you can safely ignore the scorpion stinger, invincible in your shell of Mac goodness, blessed with "god power" like some video game that enables you to eliminate your enemy with a touch, impervious to their worst.

As smaugg points out in his plurks:
Macs can be a 'Typhoid Mary' carrier of PC viruses; i.e., won't affect OS X, but will pass infected files to Windoze blindered folks

Yet, if you are a responsible netizen--and you use a mac or UbuntuLinux--you'll make the time to install antivirus for the "for sure" chance you'll be able to do a Windows user a good turn, and to protect yourself against the rare possibility a virus may be coming for you. Consider dub144's perspective:

Sad so many are so ignorant/arrogant to think they don't need av. ALL machines can be infected. Including routers, wap, phones, etc....Who refuse to protect themselves put the rest of us at risk. If not directly, indirectly.

Here are some solutions that arose from a Plurk conversation about the subject:
For GNU/Linux antivirus programs, I encourage you to check out the ones mentioned here.

For Windows, well, there are tons of solutions. Start with these:
  1. AntiSpyware Tools:
  2. AntiVirus Tools:While there are many antivirus tools, there is only one that is worth installing on thousands of computers.

The damage cased left by viruses and spyware to your Windows Registry can be catastrophic. To fix those problems, you need to take advantage of two tools that will help you 1) Uninstall undesirable programs completely and 2) Clean up your Windows registry.
  1. Revo Uninstaller - Some times, you need a program that will completely uninstall a program, including cleaning up your Windows registry. This program accomplishes that and ensures complete removal of a program. Get the portable version online at
  2. CCleaner - This invaluable tool actually cleans up your computer's registry, and run periodically, keeps your computer running in tip-top shape. Get the portable version online at

Be sure to read this cartoon....

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