Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Long Boring Text in #Moodle

Earlier today, I received this email query:
I have been enjoying your moodle resources. What a wealth of information.

I am working for the commonwealth of learning and the ministries of education in 6 [removed] countries. I am helping the countries develop courses in moodle.

The developers copied print based materials and pasted them into moodle topic areas. The result is long scrolling boring text. I am trying to help them to change that. Do you have a checklist for best practice or a list of don'ts to guide course developers?

My response:

Yes, we do have a course checklist. One suggestion that comes to mind in regards to reformatting print materials and pasting them into topic areas is to use the Book Module. This would enable you to have multiple web pages as ONE link instead of multiple links or, as you point out, pasted text embedded in a Topic label.

You can find course checklist online at

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