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When 12 years old, I remember sitting in a darkened living room--you know, the one with the couches only visitors to your house get to sit on--watching Bob Polunsky, movie critic, and then, closing my eyes, and assuming his voice as I wrote.

Eventually, that movie critic's voice disappeared, whether absorbed like a sugar lump in a cup of hot coffee or discarded like training wheels, I don't really know. What I do know is that when I started writing about what I was teaching and learning in my East Texas third grade bilingual classroom, I would have greatly appreciated being able to attend an event like the one shown below.

Such an experience would have helped me see the writing journey as a less solitary sojourn in the piney woods. I hope some of you find this information of benefit...and take advantage of it.

Source: National Writing Project
2011 Professional Writing Retreat

JULY 23–26, 2011

Location: TBD
The NWP Professional Writing Retreat focuses on giving teachers a chance to write about the profession of teaching and their practice, analyze and draw conclusions about policy, discuss school reform, talk about literacy and learning, and address a variety of concerns about teaching writing. Facilitators and guest editors provide support and coaching on site. Participants have long stretches of time to write and receive feedback from their writing group.

The retreat supports writers in

Focusing a topic
Revising to refine concepts in their piece
Choosing a target audience or publication
Including accurate and effective documentation
Revising for a target journal or publication
Editing for clarity, economy, style, and precision.
NWP covers the cost of meals and double-occupancy rooms. Participants are responsible for travel costs and incidentals (local sites are encouraged to help with travel expenses).

For more information, contact Nicki Lewis at

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