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Check out the latest Huffington Blog post, Stories of Passionate Engagement! Thanks to the editors for posting it!

Here's the lead:

"All the education in the world is worthless," writes an 18-year-old blogger for A Boundless World, "if you never unlock what makes your heart beat." He goes on to share in a must-read article about schools and education, that grades alone don't guarantee success. Instead, passion, determination and a positive attitude equal success.

These are ideas that are emerging from the masses of K-12 and adult learners who work in our systems. Their expectations for what education should be like are changing dramatically. This story of passion captures readers and raises a question for communications directors in school districts.
If students and communities can easily share what they are passionate about in their lives (via Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, Posterous), will they share stories about school?
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Hey there... did you just submit something to Huff? How did you go about that?

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