Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FallBlogChallenge2010 - Life as a Reader

Image Source: From Baen Free Library, linked below
What is your life as a reader like? Do you read for work, pleasure, instructions or emails? What is your favorite author and/or genre? What is your favorite reading spot? What did you like to read when you were the age of your students?
Source: Melanie Holtsman, Once Upon A Teacher: Are You Ready for A Challenge? and list of blogging topics

As a person who reads for both pleasure and everything else (e.g. work, learning), I find myself choosing my reading to match what I want to know, whether that be something I need to know for my work in education or a fantasy world I'd like to explore life in. My pleasure reading encompasses a variety of genres, but to be honest, I've really focused in on science fiction and fantasy tales.

Some of the books I'm reading now include Baen free ebooks, such as:

Currently, my favorite authors include S.M. Stirling's Emberverse series and Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan's The Strain. These are phenomenal authors and stories, worth running out to the store and buying their print book (or, now, ebook version).

In terms of "for work" reading, I've mostly been consumed by the rich detail in blog entries, too numerous to list here and the many plurks/tweets that flow into my life every day. I typically "favorite" tweets so that I can read them later, or blog about them...many of those end up as "MyNotes" entries. You can find a list online. To be honest, many of my favorited tweets end up as blog entries, far more than Google Reader blogs I subscribe to. Yet, that's not to be discounted either.

While I can't say I have a favorite reading spot, I do have several spots where I spend most of my time reading--usually waiting at some son or daughter event, waiting in line for fast food (or slow food as is often the case), walking on the treadmill (my most oft-visited site, thank goodness), and, most comfortable spot, the bed next to my dresser lamp. When I was a child, I tended to read outside a lot but I've eschewed the great outdoors for the mosquito-less comfort of the munifiscent company of family indoors. Though we may all be doing our "own thing," shared space is welcome.

I regret to say that my reading habits haven't changed all that much from childhood...since I cracked open my first sci-fi novel on time travel when a boy was cast into the early wilderness of earth's history, I find myself drawn to adventure stories that take place in "sci-fi" surroundings.

How about you?

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Melanie Holtsman said...

Our reading spots are identical. I am always amazed that most people are surprised when I tell them where I read. I love using that time that would otherwise be wasted to get some reading done!

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