Cross-Platform and SmartPhone ActivSync Support on MS Exchange 2010

Yesterday, an organization near and dear to me upgraded to MS Exchange 2010. I immediately started imagining the questions the end users might be asking. One of those questions was, What ActiveSync (Exchange 2010 friendly) clients are available on the multiple platforms in use by end users?

The answer was a tough one, and I found myself searching the Web for the right combination of tools. Below is the list I came up with, some of it with feedback from folks.

1) Desktop applications that have ActivSync support:
  • Macintosh
    • Apple Mail on Macintosh has ActiveSync support. This is free.
    • MS Office 2011 (includes Outlook) for Mac due out October 26, 2010. This isn't free. Sigh.
  • Windows
    • MS Outlook 2007. Not free.

Some solutions that just won't work include the following:
  • Entourage 2008 on Macs
  • Evolution on GNU/Linux
  • Java-based DAVMail -Is Exchange 2010 supported ?
    As Microsoft decided to drop WebDav support in Exchange 2010, I had to implement a new backend from scratch to support the new Exchange Web Services interface. This support is still experimental, but is working quite well. However, you still need to enable it manually in with the following line: 

2) iPod Touch: ActivSync Support on the iPod Touch and presumably iPhone works just fine with OS 4.1 installed

3) Android Phones: Nitrodesk's Touchdown and Moxie enjoy ActivSync support, although Dataviz's RoadSync does not (I own it, bummer). Reports are that the default Mail on Android work fine.

Links to apps mentioned here -

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