Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Checking Out Qwiki


As an alpha user of Qwiki, I was stunned to see how it arranges static search engine results--pictures, video, audio, etc--into a beautiful web page on the fly. Curious about something? Click on it to get more.
Qwiki covers 2 million reference terms – including a wide variety of people, places and things. You can type in any indexed term and Qwiki will generate an “information experience” describing it. (Find out more)
To test Qwiki out, I did a simple search on San Antonio, Tx and saw a beautiful series of panels and more of information pop up. If I was interested in something, I could click on it and find out more.

The panels flew by in beautiful flash animation...here are a few, which really don't do justice to the whole experience:

A neat tool...looking forward to see how it develops!

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