Thursday, October 28, 2010

Achieving Negative State - @Adobe Flash Vulnerability Announced

Have you ever applied leadership wisdom to software? Why not anthropomorphize (not a word, although anthropomorphic is) a bit? Robert Quinn's Tyranny of Competence  goes like this:
An individual contributor is a person whose technical competence is judged in terms of singular rather than interdependent action. The more unique the individual output, the more powerful the person becomes. The overapplication of the technical paradigm by an individual can lead to a negative state called the tyranny of competence.
Consider this tyranny of competence in regards to software. When you think about the Apple & HTML5 vs Adobe Flash debate, my first thought wasn't Quinn's tyranny of competence. But now, with so many of using Flash as a video format, this announcement below gives me pause:
On the same day that it plans to release a patch for a critical flaw in Shockwave, Adobe confirmed on Thursday morning that there is a newly discovered bug in Flash that is being actively exploited already in attacks against Reader. The vulnerability affects Flash on all of the relevant platforms, including Android, as well as Reader on Windows and Mac, and won't be patched for nearly two weeks. (Source: Dennis Fisher, Threatpost
Flash is everywhere, isn't it? Since the patch won't come out until November 9 or 15, depending on your platform, what are we all to do until then? Someone made the following suggestion--I've embedded the links to make items easier to access--in Dennis' comment section:
Install Firefox, run private browsing mode, and install the NoScript add-on. It will turn off scripts by default unless you allow them on a per site basis. While your at it, install BetterPrivacy to delete Flash cookies, Ghostery to disable web bugs, FlagFox to tell you the country where the web site your visiting server is located (some help), WOT, and Ad Block Plus as this is used as a avenue as well....
via Slashdot

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