Friday, September 3, 2010

Uploading Folders to GoogleDocs

One of the main complaints about GoogleDocs is, "I bought gigabytes of storage on GoogleDocs, but now I find out I have to upload files, rather than folders?" It's a valid complaint (if you forget that Google is just another group of committed human beings suffering the same time constraints as the rest of the world), but fortunately, after digging around, I stumbled on this blog entry on how to accomplish the job.

I have successfully tested the Java-based solution on an UbuntuLinux machine--you know, if it works here, it works on Windows and Mac, too!!--and it replicated the folder structure without problem and uploaded all my files. What a NEAT, must-have utility!!

This command line utility works (works on Windows/Mac,too) using Java. Here's the command you type in:
java -jar google-docs-upload.jar c:\myfolder --recursive
Every folder in c:\myfolder will be uploaded, but not myfolder itself.
Here's the link to download the item:

Here's what a screenshot of the action looks like:

I tried uploading a PNG file, but the format was not supported...otherwise, everything else was recreated without problem. I haven't tried uploading PPT files, so that is yet to be tried.

The latest version includes the ability to replicate a folder structure of sub-folders placed in your chosen upload folder, which might relieve the minds of those with a hyper-organized set of docs.
Google Docs Batch Upload is a free download and works wherever Java does. Looking for a two-way Google Docs sync solution? Try the similarly command-line-powered GDataCopier.

Anyone else use this?

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TexasEd said...

Can you merge files? I have several assignments I need to merge into one.

Miguel Guhlin said...

@TexasEd, hmm...haven't tried that. Give it a try and let us know!

Darrel said...

Hi Miguel,
What a great find! It will save me heaps of time. Just one thing though, when I uploaded a folder of files it changes all the permissions on my local copies of the files to "read-only". I am using Mac OS X.

Miguel Guhlin said...

Yes, you're right...that happened to me, too. But it's pretty easy to change the permissions back.


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