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This is Broken - Sears Appliance Fails to Deliver @mysears (plz RT)

Update 10/19/2010: Someone at Sears called to confirm delivery of a warranty-replacement dishwasher. I shared with her the story in brief and pointed her to this blog entry. She promised she would share this with the top person at Sears and sincerely apologized. Of all the Sears folks, she is the first to sound sincere.

On a related note, it's kind of funny that the third-party dishwasher delivery people kept calling 4 weeks after I'd already demanded my refund!

Cast of Characters
(Sears Department Store Employees)

  1. Dave Stewart is the Store Manager, 
  2. Bill is the Asst. Manager, and 
  3. Annette is the person who sold me the dishwasher. 
  4. Greg Hughes is the manager who told me how the Sears system is broken and complaining about it on this blog wouldn't help a thing. "If I could pull up my computer, I'd show you the documentation I've filed complaining about this situation to Sears."
  5. Frankie is the Supervisor who told me at Sears National, "We can't help you but I'm sorry. That Department (who handles installation orders) DOES NOT speak to customers directly."
  6. La Shonda at the Sear National, essentially complain dept, "All I can do is file a complaint on your behalf, Sir, and offer an apology."

Over the last two weeks, my family and I have been staring at the gaping hole in our kitchen. Where a dishwasher should be, there is nothing. What happened to the previous dishwasher isn't important now, only that I walked into Sears at Rolling Oaks Mall in San Antonio, Texas and ordered a brand new Whirlpool dishwasher. My wife said I should have gone to Conn's, but I assured her, Sears can deliver. How wrong I was.

After paying over $637 for a new dishwasher, Sears said, "Well deliver this dishwasher and install it for you." In fact, a sign said, "Let the Pros handle delivery and installation." Two days later, Jiffy Delivery called to schedule the delivery. We scheduled it for a Friday and I took the day off to wait for the delivery.

The dishwasher never arrived. "It was damaged," said Jesse from Jiffy Delivery, "in transit from its location in Pfugerville. I promise we'll have it to you next Saturday, September 11." I agreed after expressing my disappointment.

All day Saturday, September 11, I waited for the arrival of my new dishwasher, paid for 3 weeks prior. No phone calls by 1:00 pm, so I called them at 210-215-7174 at 1:42 PM, "Hello, Jiffy Delivery, what time will you be arriving?" No call back and I ended up leaving my message on the machine.

At approximately 1:52PM, I called Sears at Rolling Oaks Mall (210-651-8100) and spoke to Kathy or Karen. "Yes, your dishwasher arrived at the warehouse on Wednesday but there is no installation order. Call this 1-800-497-4402 to find out what's going on."

When I called that number at 2:00 PM, I spoke to Brandon. "I'm sorry, sir, but we don't have an installation order for you. I will call you back as soon as we set one up."

At 4:40 PM, I called the number again and asked to speak to a manager. "Frankie" was the person. I explained the issue to them, pointed out that Sears had failed to deliver TWICE after taking my money, and he said, "I understand how you feel, sir, but I can't do anything about that."

At this point, I started to realize that Sears staff are caught up in a machine that just IS NOT working, and the parts aren't talking to each other. "Well, Frankie, who can help me?"
"You can call Sears National," he replied. "Their number is 1-800-549-4505."

I called and spoke to "LaShonda," who apologized but said, "All I can do is log your complaint."

So, I replied, "Here's what I'm going to do:"

  • Get a refund immediately at the store I purchased the dishwasher
  • Post this information on my blog and tweet it to the world
  • Make sure everyone I knew was aware of how Sears failed to deliver.
When my family and I arrived at the Sears Store at Rolling Oaks Mall, I ran into the lady who had sold me the dishwasher. As I shared my story with her, I could tell this wasn't the first time she'd heard something similar...she immediately called the manager to authorize the refund.

Greg Hughes (Email: showed up and spent 10 minutes detailing how lousy delivery companies that Sears had to work with are, and how he's complained about it to no avail. I listened for 10-15 minutes, and then told him, "I'm going to share this with the world." He told, "It won't do any good. Only 2% of the world is online and will care."

I shook his hand and walked out, vowing to him I would never do business with Sears again.

In fact, I commend Sears staff for being so courteous about their lack of customer satisfaction and service.

You know what? SEARS IS BROKEN. This is my opinion about my own experiences. The account here is as factual as I can make it.

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Kelly said...

I sympathize having gone through a similar experience with Sears over delivery and service. In my case though it was actually warranty service that I purchase in addition to what I paid for the appliance. I too will never purchase from Sears again. They are broken!

Peggy said...

How extremely frustrating! Report them to Better Business Bureau! I was amazed at the response I got from a recent bad experience with an air conditioning company ( not Sears). The issue was resolved quickly!

JT said...

I was assured at 7:15pm this evening that I would receive a call telling me when my dishwasher would be delivered and installed tomorrow. I am now on hold at the "installation" number, 800-497-4402. It's 9:56pm and my cell phone timer is at 35:50, 51, 52, 53... 36 minutes on hold. How many times have I heard "thank your for holding. We value your time and patience." 37 minutes... Won't they be surprised tomorrow when I go in and return the dishwasher, washer and dryer and 4 barstools I ordered this past week. Feel sorry for the sales associates who will have their commission cut this paycheck.

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