Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Podcasting Pizzazz

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You may not know it, but I made a solemn vow this summer--limit myself to only essential conferences. That list of conferences which I judge to be essential include the following:

  1. TCEA State Conference
  2. TEC-SIG Meetings (Fall, Spring)
  3. TxDLA
The problem is, I also have the opportunity to present at various OTHER conferences, and soon enough, I find myself worn out and running ragged. I have to admit that I'm enjoying my self-imposed hermitage. 

Unlike some of my esteemed edublogger colleagues, my work keeps me quite busy and staying home is something I enjoy more and more. Watching the grass grow isn't as odious as I once thought it might be. While I fear that may be age manifesting itself as an increase in lassitude, my energy level remains high. The problem is, I ENJOY visiting new places (you know, driving/flying to a new place I haven't been with my head stuck out the window, a labrador retriever perched atop the roof of a truck with his tongue hanging out, a jocular expression manipulated by the breeze). 

Though I've managed to turn down a few paid speaking opportunities for 2010-2011, I couldn't resist a colleague's request (although I did have fun negotiating for a free lunch).

So, already, it looks like I'm having to add another conference to my list. The conference is the Texas Librarians' Association (TLA). It may be that those friendly librarians will read this blog post and say, "We don't want that Miguel guy," but the opposite may be true, too. 

The workshop will be 4 hours in length (bring those cushions) and be focused on Podcasting. You know, this is such an awesome topic to approach. Podcasting tools have gotten a lot easier to use and there's no reason why anyone who wants to podcast with kids couldn't do so.

Here's the first draft of my outline for that podcasting class...what am I missing? Too much?

Title: Podcasting Pizzazz
Description: In this hands-on, 4 hour workshop, participants will explore various web-based tools (e.g.'s Audio Editor, VoiceThread) for creating snazzy podcasts that engage their audience.

  1. Introduction to Podcasting Pizzazz
  2. Examples of Library Related Podcasts
  3. Multimedia Tools Exploration
    1. Web-Based
      1. Audio Editor
    2. Mobile Podcasting
      2. Drop.Io
    3. Computer Based Podcasting
      1. Audio Only - Audacity
      2. Enhanced Podcast - MS PhotoStory, Moviemaker and/or iMovie
  4. Selecting the Best Tool for the Job
    1. What works best for you? Your Students?
    2. Rubric
  5. Syndicating Your Podcast
    1. Discovering the Magic of Real Simple Syndication (RSS)
  6. Embedding Web-based Podcasts in Your Blog, Wiki or Moodle
    1. Hands-on Creation of a Podcast
    2. Publication of Podcasts Created on the Web

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Scott S. Floyd said...

I thoroughly enjoyed sitting on a panel and visiting with the librarians at last year's TLA conference in San Antonio. As a literacy guy, you'll love the exhibit hall. Authors everywhere. Enjoy!

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