MyNotes - Kids Who Spend More Time on Computers

What a relief! I spent a significant part of my teen years playing games on my Apple //e, and now I know I'm not scarred for life....

Seriously, developing focus and concentration on something, anything is preferable than whatever the alternative is...watching TV?

Kids Who Spend More Time on Computers Don't Suffer Academically, Study Says
by Amar Toor on September 20, 2010 at 09:30 AM

A new study from the University of Maryland shows that more time spent in front of a computer doesn't hurt a child's academic performance, and, in some cases, actually improves test scores. Led by family science professor Sandra L. Hofferth, the six-year study followed a group of 1,000 children, who were between the ages of six and 12 in 1997, and continued through 2003. As the students spent more time on computers, their test scores didn't suffer significantly, even if they spent most of their time playing games on their PCs.

The results, published in the academic journal Child Development, show that African-American boys' reading scores improved by four points as they increased their computer time, while girls' math and reading scores both increased by a point...Hofferth told the Washington Post. '...playing games and studying are more focused, and they have a positive effect.'

source: Washington Post

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