Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MyNotes - GoogleApps Facilitates Class Collaboration

The following includes excerpts from Colorado news on schools using GoogleApps for Education. I like the idea of GoogleApps for Education being used for eportfolio solution; allowing any student assignment to become a collaborative one as needed; and the systematic use of something across the District because it's free and available. Systematic use of technology across public school districts is often a pipe dream, and it's rare to see it.

Source: 9NEWS.com | Colorado's Online News Leader | New Internet tools create class collaboration:

In Alison Saylor's technology class, she teaches her students more than just computers. In fact, she says they're learning things that just might revolutionize the classroom....
Saylor is using Google Apps for Education to create a virtual domain for her students. They can use word processors, spread sheets and graphic tools to create projects which are done entirely online.
For example, eighth-grader Alex Brown created his own imaginary company. His project included conceptual graphic designs, a business plan, an architectural layout and a spreadsheet containing a payroll outline for the employees...Google Apps for Education allowed Alex to put this all together in an online portfolio.
"The kids can share with a teacher, the kids can share with another student, or they can share with a small group if they're working together," Brooks said.
"This kind of system is not something we could create on our own," Brooks said.
Saylor says it creates an environment of complete classroom collaboration.
The use of Google Apps for Education is free and it contains no ads.
Brooks says last year more than 32,000 users within the district were active on Google Apps for Education. Jeffco is one of the largest groups nationwide using these internet tools. Now, Brooks is preparing all 85,000 students to start using the tools in every class at every level.
"I just talked to a kindergarten teacher yesterday who's ready to get kids on Google Apps," Brooks said. "The demand is huge and it seems to be meeting a need in this 21st Century learning environment."
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