Letter to Parents about GoogleApps in Education Startup

Does anyone out there who started up Google Apps in Education have a
letter that they wrote to their student's parents about starting up
Google Docs in Ed?


Thanks to Scot Graden and Heather Kellstrom for sharing this email they sent out and allowing it to be posted here. Their letter has been anonymized, where I've replaced their District Name with "DISTRICTNAME."

SAS Gmail Accounts for 5-12 Graders

In January 2010, DISTRICTNAME is rolling out Gmailaccounts to
all students in grades 5 through 12.  Our District has opted to use a
web-based filter called Gaggle to provide a controlled online
experience for our students in concert with Gmail/Google Apps.

To get ready for our January rollout, students at SCHOOLNAME have been busy participating in a Moodle course to learn about Cyber Safety and review our District’s new Technology Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).  All students in grades 5 through 8 must pass a quiz and have their parents/ guardians sign-off on the new Technology AUP before email accounts will be issued.

Gmail/Google Apps in the Classroom

As an educator, I’m very excited DISTRICTNAME is issuing email
accounts to our students.  This tool fits right into the direction the
District is headed with regard to a Web 2.0 approach to curriculum,
i.e., streaming video, classroom blogging, online learning, electronic
portfolios, publishing technology projects, etc.  A Gmail account:

•    increases student access to teachers
•    allows student access to other Google products including Google
Docs, Google Sites, Google Calendar, etc.
•    provides online file storage space available anytime, anywhere
•    allows teachers to share files with students
•    extends the classroom learning environment to the home
•    allows for collaboration among students in the classroom, within
a building, within our District and with other schools
•    facilitates group projects
•    motivates reluctant writers
•    provides students with the opportunity to build an electronic
portfolio of their school learning experiences
•    provides teachers additional ways to assess studentlearning
•    allows teachers to provide discreet and effective differentiated

Parent Involvement

As a parent, we want you to be involved too.  You will have full
access to your child’s Gmail Account.  Your child’s Gmail Account
username and password will be added to the bottom of the PowerSchool Parent Portal screen once you login.  To access your child’s Gmail account, you will type in http://gmail.DISTRICTNAME and enter the username and password as stated at the bottom of the Grades and Attendance Screen.
Next Steps

We are very excited to move forward with 21st century learning
opportunities for your child.  Gmail/Google Apps gets us one step
closer.   Please click here if you are in need of another copy of the
AUP or Signature Page for your child.  As always, please don’t
hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Thanks for sharing!

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doug0077 said…
Hi Miguel,

I shared our district's letter on the Blue Skunk here:


There are also letters to teachers and students on the site.

@Doug, thanks so much for sharing your links! I'm sure you've had a lot of traffic from folks going to see your versions of the letter, just as I've had folks viewing the one shared in this entry.

With appreciation for your leadership and friendship,

MTorres808 said…
Hi Doug, thanks for sharing the link. May I request you to send me a copy of your AUP via email mtorres@stanthonyhonolulu.org? We are introducing the program and would like to get better ideas from people like you. Aloha! Mardie Torres
Tech Coordinator said…
Thank you for so much for putting this letter up for all to use. We are a little late getting into the google game! I needed a letter to send home to parents about the benefits. Thanks again!!!

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