GoogleApps Walkthrough and Observation Forms (Update: Tech Support Forms)

As I highlighted in this blog entry--it's possible to use GoogleApps for Education Forms to conduct walkthroughs and observations. This can save Districts money...right?

In that blog entry I suggested the following:
Imagine a GoogleApps workbook that would allow a form per worksheet. Now, imagine that such a workbook contained worksheets--with accompanying forms--from every principal in a school district, or for every teacher in a school. Since the data was already in one workbook, it would be a simple matter of aggregating results, running summaries with pretty graphs of the data that would represent District needs.

Although I'm not aware if that's possible, others are sharing how they are using GoogleApps for Education Forms to save money while they do something that most campus administrators do every day--observe teachers via walkthroughs.

If you combine the idea of self-grading GoogleForms, you get an entirely different possibility. Check out this tutorial and video (thanks @dmantz7) on how to turn your GoogleForm into an automated assessment/observation/walkthrough/quiz tool!!

Here are some template examples via TICAL and other sources:

Google Form Template: Classroom Walkthrough and Observation Form
Courtesy of Kern Kelly and Fred Johnston,use this form from any computer or PDA with Internet connectivity to evaluate teachers' lessons, pedagogy, and classroom climate. Feel free to modify to fit your district's standards. All data will be recorded in a Google Spreadsheet and a second sheet has been created to quickly printout the results for the teachers and your records. Simply use the "hide column(s)" function in Excel to only show the specific teacher you want a printout for.

Google Form Template: Teacher self-assessment on the National Education Technology Standards (NETS·T)
Survey your teachers to determine how well they perceive their use of technology in the design and implementation of their lessons.

Organize and Chart Student Scores
An Excel template that can be used to enter and analyze student assessment data. For more information on how this template was first developed and used, see Using Technology to Make Sense of Data by Dan Ryder, here on the Portical web site.

Survey Templates Ready to Administer Using Google Forms
These Microsoft Excel files were created to provide you quick access to surveys you can administer in your school or district using Google Forms (a subset of Google Docs). You can either obtain a direct copy of the survey to send to your participants immediately OR you can load the original spreadsheet into Google Docs and create the survey from the spreadsheet.

 And there are more GoogleTemplates online:
  1. Building Level Walkthrough
  2. Classroom-based Assessment for Special Education
  3. Classroom Walkthrough/Observation Tool
  4. ITeachAZ Clinical Snapshot
  5. Observation Checklist Template
  6. Observation Template
  7. Teacher 4 Success Observation Template
  8. Teacher Pre-Observation Survey
  9. Teacher Observation - 5 minute daily walkthrough
  10. Teacher Observation Form
  11.  Walkthrough Observations
Have you shared YOUR campus or District's observation/walkthrough form yet?

Update 09/28/2010: Technology Support Forms
  1. TechSupport and Equipment Form
  2. Technology Request
  3. Technology Services Request
  4. Technology HelpDesk
  5. Technology HelpDesk

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Lori Feldman said…
Thank you for sharing! We just had a meeting today to discuss formative and summative phases of review. I would think these resources would be great time savers!
Dean Mantz said…
Thanks for the reference. However I am just returning the favor for all that you have done to help me grow. I look forward to reviewing several of the observation forms you have posted. As you know, I will have to compare them to "Observer".
Johnpaul said…
Your suggestions are very good, i love all these information which you have shared, i bookmarked your site for future visits.Template Examples

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