Editing GoogleDocs on iPad

"Necessity is the mother of invention," Plato quipped a long time ago (well, maybe he didn't say it quite that way). Editing GoogleDocs with an iPad is a necessity for some, if not desperation! So much so that there's a Facebook Fan page petitioning Google. Whether it's really Google's fault or Apple's for making a Mobile Safari that isn't as full-featured as desktop Safari browser, well, that's up for discussion!

While I don't have an iPad (prefer a netbook any day of the week), I do have to admit to some curiosity about a device that has trouble editing GoogleDocs, which provides ubiquitous access to word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing and other tools.

Kevin McLaughlin recently shared his discovery of how to edit GoogleDocs, albeit not directly, using the Osfoora.com Twitter client. Normally, you'd have to pay for a product like QuickOffice or Office 2 Pro ($8 app) to get the job done. Others are using apps like LogMeIn Ignition--remote access to a real computer with GoogleDoc editing capability. Another option is DocumentsToGo for MS Office editing.

And, others are holding out hope that DocVerse--recently acquired by Google--will take care of the problem of iPad and GoogleDocs editing! In the meantime, folks like Kevin continue to try....

He created a video of the experience and shares it on YouTube (embedded below):

Video Link: http://bit.ly/czBnZ6

He describes it in this way:

I found ts out entirely by accident tonight, you can edit google docs on the iPad by clicking on a gdocs link posted on Osfoora (Twitter client). The link will open the gdoc but within the osfoora client itself which somehow allows you editing of the doc on the iPad. I have provided a short video demonstrating this, just click on the link.


It's laggy, caps stays on unless turned off and there's no option to change a document name nor add images. It's not a work around but a glitch which shows that it is possible and hopefully Google are working on it themselves to bring editing on the iPad and other mobile devices soon.
Kudos to Kevin for his discovery!

Image of iPad - http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/profile-ak-snc4/object2/697/108/n115522658476713_3107.jpg

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aforgrave said…
Seriously. Pony up the $8 and use Office2 HD or Quickoffice. Either one is WELL worth the investment for the power provided by being able to access and edit gDocs from your iPad. For a fraction of your iPad investment, you have a great interface in either app for accessing, navigating, editing, and saving your documents on Google docs.
@aforgrave What!? Don't you realize we're all bankrupt educators?


Anyways, I can't afford an iPad. "Sour grapes."
Unknown said…
Thanks for the blog post Miguel, completely unexpected. Finding out that I could edit Google Docs in the iPad in this way was a surprise but it's not a workable solution. As for buying the aforementioned apps I would but as everyone knows, Google are bringing editing of docs to mobile devices such as the iPad so I'll keep my $8 for now :-)
Well, *I* didn't know and it was fun writing the blog entry....

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