Sunday, September 5, 2010

MyNotes - Texas Attorney General Investigating Google

Danny Sullivan points out that Texas is investigating Google Search. How will this investigation impact the adoption of GoogleApps for Education as an approved state-wide or district-wide solution? Will an investigation result in a "tarnished" image? I am also curious as to the motivations of an inquiry. What is the connection between Texas government and the search engines filing suit? What does one have to do with the other? Google has responded via their blog:
Texas Attorney General Investigating Google & Antitrust Issues
    • Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is conducting an investigation into Google's business practices as they relate to search listings, in particular whether Google is manipulating its paid and editorial results in a way that violates antitrust laws. We received a tip about the investigation this week, and Google confirmed today that an investigation started in July.
      • the Texas Attorney General's office is seeking more information about allegations that have been levied against Google by: UK-based Foundem New York-based SourceTool & TradeComet Ohio-based myTriggers
        • Why an attorney general based out of Texas is investigating allegations made by non-Texas companies is unclear. According to Google, as long as the companies have customers in Texas, then it can be deemed relevant jurisdiction. But have any Texas consumers complained to the attorney general about these issues?
          • As for the Texas AG's office itself, it had no comment when I asked today about the investigation. Tom Kelley, with the the attorney general's press office, emailed me: Our long-standing policy is that we do not acknowledge investigations of any kind.

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            Heather said...

            If there's smoke there is fire the only weird thing is what's the fire Google doesn't seem to hide something.

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