Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Become a Content Provider for Texas Education

The following note appeared in my inbox today:

Governor Rick Perry and the Texas Education Agency have joined together to launch Texas Education on iTunes U, which provides free multimedia content to educators, students and parents in Texas and around the world.
If you are a student, teacher, school district, higher education institution, professional organization, or a non-profit organization, we would invite you to consider becoming a content provider for Texas Education on iTunes U. If selected as a content provider, your organization’s current audio, video and PDF resources will be hosted on the Texas Education on iTunes U site in addition to any current website locations that can be linked in iTunes U. For information on submitting content, see the Content Provider Interest Form and Rubric.
In addition, we invite you to participate in the Governor's Skills Challenge for Algebra Readiness. Governor Perry and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) are looking for short videos or audio files to support teachers, students, and families in preparing all students for success in algebra. We are looking to showcase the incredible talent we have in Texas education. Perhaps you have video footage of you teaching a lesson or strategy, your students presenting a project, or podcasts you have created for your students. Please share your best content, focusing on algebra readiness, with TEA for possible placement in the Texas Education on iTunes U library.
Please pass this on to anyone who may be interested. For more information, please visit http://www.tea.state.tx.us/itunesu/.

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Matt Federoff said...

There's a straight line from this announcement right back to a demonstration of Vail, Arizona's "Beyond Textbooks" given in Austin in Nov. of 2009.

Miguel Guhlin said...

@Matt nice to know there's a trail.

Scott S. Floyd said...

Funny how I never knew that Perry was needed to launch iTunesU K-12. Wait. It's an election year. He has to act as though he likes public education for a few months. My bad. I guess that explains why they held on to it since ISTE in San Antonio refusing to buy in and lead the charge with it. Now is a much more opportune time. Better late than never?

Miguel Guhlin said...

@Scott no surprise, eh? Politicians.

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