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GEICO Insurance has Android App

After dumping State Farm and Farmer's Insurance (actually, they dumped my wife and I during our first two years of marriage) due to fender-benders that were no-fault for us, I trod back to my father's recommendation for car insurance--GEICO.

In the years since my wife and I switched to GEICO, I haven't had any complaints. They have consistently worked to get me low prices, meet our needs, and more. When I logged into their web site earlier today to get a proof of coverage, I noticed that they now have an Android app!

It's like walking into an urban complex and finding a beautiful garden there--unexpected. So, I'm unlimbering my Android phone, using Lynkee to scan the QR code and see what I can do with GEICO's new Android App, Glovebox.

Unfortunately, despite some nice features (being able to pay your bill on the go, a clean menu design, helpful tips) the app had 1 problem I ran across:

Tapping to view ID cards takes one to…

Collaborate, Communicate Globally - Texas TechApps

Do you have any feedback on the first draft of Technology Applications:TEKS posted on the TEA web site? Take a look!
The first draft of the recommendations for revisions to the technology applications TEKS are now posted on the TEA website at . Informal feedback will be accepted in response to the first draft recommendations through October 8, 2010. Detailed information for providing feedback to the review committees is available on the website listed above. You can send feedback via Email to indicate the course or grade level your comments respond to in the subject line of your email.) In a quick review of the grade 6-8 TA:TEKS, the following jumped out at me: Districts are encouraged to offer technology applications in all content areas. They may also be offered in a specific class while being integrated in all content areas.As responsible digital citizens and competent researchers, students use creative and com…

Become a Content Provider for Texas Education


The following note appeared in my inbox today:

Governor Rick Perry and the Texas Education Agency have joined together to launch Texas Education on iTunes U, which provides free multimedia content to educators, students and parents in Texas and around the world.If you are a student, teacher, school district, higher education institution, professional organization, or a non-profit organization, we would invite you to consider becoming a content provider for Texas Education on iTunes U. If selected as a content provider, your organization’s current audio, video and PDF resources will be hosted on the Texas Education on iTunes U site in addition to any current website locations that can be linked in iTunes U. For information on submitting content, see the Content Provider Interest Form and Rubric.In addition, we invite you to participate in the Governor's Skills Challenge for Algebra Readiness. Governor Perry and the Texas Education Agency (…

eReaders in Schools?

Based on my own experiences, as well as attached info, I'm prepared to recommend the B&N Nook WiFi ($149) for school district use. Here's why I think it's the best choice (over the Amazon Kindle):Nook works with Calibre, a free tool for managing and converting content to work on the NookThe Nook is compatible--like the iPad--with the standard ePub ebook format (other tools like Kindle are not).It's much less expensive than iPad which also reads ePub with StanzaHundreds of Classics, required reading content are available in a format viewable on the NookWiFi version lacks an internet browserSingle function device (reading, audio)
What am I missing?
eReaders in Schools
KINDLE 2 WiFiNoOK WiFi (Recommended)Price$139.00$149.00Dimensions8x5.3x0.367.7x4.9x.5

DiigoNotes - More in Texas choose home schooling

Quotes:More in Texas choose home schoolingMore in Texas choose home schooling The Associated Press Updated: 7:59 a.m. Monday, Aug. 23, 2010 Published: 6:21 a.m. Monday, Aug. 23, 2010 The number of students being home-schooled in Texas is on the rise, with some 300,000 children staying home as the school term started Monday. According to the Texas Home School Coalition, the number of Texans opting to home school has grown about 20 percent to an estimated 120,000 families and 300,000 children in the past five years, the Houston Chronicle reported. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that families primarily opted to home school because they wanted to provide religious or moral lessons to their children. Parental concerns about safety, peer pressure and the academic instruction at traditional schools were other reasons cited. In Texas, parents who wish to home school are not required to register with any agency or to get their curriculum approved. Legal rulings hav…

MyNotes - In the red, lawmakers may get schooled 08/23/10

$18billion deficit for Education on the chopping block?
Quotes: | Local News: In the red, lawmakers may get schooled 08/23/10
In the red, lawmakers may get schooled By Enrique Rangel
in next year's session of the Legislature lawmakers are expected to face what could be the largest budget shortfall in state history, perhaps as much as $18 billion over the next two fiscal years.
most school districts now find themselves in the same financial hole as before.
the school districts in Amarillo and Lubbock receive $5,062 and $5,067, respectively, per student a year, according to figures MALDEF has compiled. By contrast, the rural Sundown Independent School District in Hockley County, one of the wealthiest districts in the state, receives $12,538 per student. As a result, it's estimated that at least 60 percent of school districts will have to use reserve money in the upcoming academic year to meet operating costs.
groups such…

Ahoy, eBook Readers! #nook #kindle #ipad

Note: The info here is relevant to Kindle and iPad owners as well as Nook users.Updated: 08/28/2010 - Included ebook definition and link to and

My ereader--a Barnes and Noble Nook--arrived today! What a thrill! On my way to a meeting, the person who received the mail brought the box straight to me in the hallway. I took it along to the office where we were gathering. When I arrived at the meeting, the question preceeded the business, "I've never seen one. May I?" So I opened the box, pulled it out and the first words out the other person's mouth was something like, "Is it like an iPad?"

"No," I replied with a smile. "It's less expensive...and I have access to other technology for that. This is for pleasure reading." My smile grew as I remembered the 100+ books I'd downloaded in ePub format last night.

Sigh. In my office--full of tec…

Free ePub solutions for Your #Nook #Kindle #iPad (Updated 09/06/2010)

Updated 09/1/2010
Do you know where you can find free ePub publications for your eReader, especially the Nook?

Earlier this year, I shared eReader Indecision.  After hemming and hawing about the monumental decision to abandon print, switch to eBooks, and selecting an eBook reader I could afford, I finally made a decision and ordered the Barnes and Noble Nook Wi-Fi. (Here's one of the reasons why I didn't get a Kindle...lack of format support, such as for iPad because I just don't see folks spending that much money for etextbooks). I'm hoping I didn't totally make a mistake but only hands-on experience and time will tell. Also, I'm hoping that the Nook Wi-Fi will be something that will work well in a school environment where 3G access isn't necessarily encouraged (potential CIPA violations).

Veteran "nooker" Bud Hunt shared a few Twitter direct messages with me about the Nook and its benefits. One of the ones he mentioned was support for …

DiigoNotes - The ABCs of e-book format conversion

Fantastic tutorial on doing ebook conversions using Calibre! Well-worth reading if you use a Kindle, Nook or Sony eReader. At the bottom, you'll find some practical remarks from the comment section.Quotes:The ABCs of e-book format conversion: Easy Calibre tips for the Kindle, Sony and Nook | TeleRead: Bring the E-Books HomeThe ABCs of e-book format conversion: Easy Calibre tips for the Kindle, Sony and Nook By John Schember E-book readers are becoming more and more common. different brands don't read the same kinds of e-books. This mess is like the one in the music world where you might find such formats as WMA, MP3, and AAC. In e-books, the same confusion exists—the Tower of eBabel, as some call it. there are a very good reasons why you should know about the major formats, what you reader supports and how to convert between formats. Many Web sites offer legal and often free books. Everything from public domain books to well known and less known authors. Also, you can s…