Keep Your PLN Tools Simple

As I was skimming my email group subscriptions, I stumbled upon a great post by Bernie Dodge. The simplicity of his approach towards helping people understanding their "personal learning system," as opposed to a personal/professional learning network, appealed to me greatly. In it, he shares a table that features 5 components:
  1. iGoogle
  2. Google Reader
  3. Twitter
  4. Delicious
  5. Evernote
You can read the wonderful introduction Bernie has put together, along with descriptions of each service. Yet, knowing that everyone does things just a little differently, I decided to offer MY choices for building your own personal learning system.

My choices--which are meant to mirror Bernie's--include the following:
  1. iGoogle - Although I'm not a big iGoogle user, it can be a valuable tool to organize content visually, easily on the screen.
  2. Google Reader - With the ever-changing world of tweets and plurks, it's hard to imagine that reading blogs and other sites via RSS is all that "up to date." But when you consider that Reader and Reflective writing of blogs go hand-in-hand, Google Reader is a great choice, not only for consuming content but sharing it with others.
  3. Plurk - Although an avid Twitter user, I'm convinced now that Plurk fosters conversations that allow for deeper reflection. Rather than rapid white-water Twitter, Plurk's more placid approach avoids pandering to sharing bits of information for the sake of sharing it, and focuses one on analysis, evaluation, collaboration.
  4. - Combine Evernote and Delicious and you get, a fantastic social bookmarking and annotation tool that makes it easy to remember content, annotate it, as well as share those annotations, web page highlights with the world via social media (plurk, twitter), blogs, and more. Not only that, it can do it via email, web slides, and/or RSS.
What is in your toolkit? Follow the conversation via Plurk.

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