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Although I'd love to purchase a Nook--and have considered it for use in school situations--the Android OS remains a winner, especially when Android based tablets become available for schools. Isn't it nice to know you can now access Nook and Kindle content, Barnes & Noble and Amazon respectively, on your Android device?


Nook for Android Is Here

    • Brenna Ehrlich
      • Nook for Android Is Here
        • Nook for Android hit the Market for free download today
          • First of all, the Nook boasts eight font styles and five text sizes
            • The Kindle app, meanwhile, only allows you to adjust size, brightness and background color — white, sepia and black. In addition, you can turn pages in the Nook app by flicking your finger (or turn on page animations), which is a much easier reading experience than the swipe function that the Kindle employs, in my opinion. The Nook's navigation bar is much simpler than the Kindle's as well, allowing one to easily scroll through the book via page numbers.
              • the Nook app also lets you share e-books with friends via LendMe, which allows folks to lend books to any device that will run the B&N eReader software for up to 14 days (you yourself can't read said book during that time, though, which is a bummer — and it's a one-time share)
                • more than 1 million titles available in the store (which you can shop for in the app), there's a lot of reading/lending to be done — the Kindle app, on the other hand, has 620,000 titles.

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