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Having been online for quite some time, it's easy to get an A+ on branding. But I'm not sure that appearing in the first 10 of the top 10 google results for my name is a good thing necessarily. 

Yet, I have to agree with Garr Reynolds:
If you don't brand yourself, you can rest assured that others are branding you. And letting others brand you can be risky business. Instead, we should have control, as much as we can, in determining our reputation, our image, and the intangibles, the ephemerals, and the perceptions and ideas that other people have about us.
Can you think of a situation when others "branded you" and it turned out for the worse? At the very least, it's important to sign up for various networks using utilities like CHECK USERNAMES (maybe even put these 50 tips into practice) and make sure that the REAL YOU is represented online.
I'd like to think that since my "brand" is out there, it will make it harder for others to "swipe my digital identity." 

One way that I have found manageable to share information, ideas is to use a service like to broadcast my information to various social media/networking sites. Another possible site to use is AtomKeep (via Mashable).

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