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Source: Mozilla Sunbird

"Is there a good way to export all events in an iCal to a list or spreadsheet?" Chris Webb tweeted earlier tonight, clarifying with this follow up tweet, "I'd like to export an iCal as another format such as .csv, in order to be able to create a list of the events."

Remembering I'd done this once before when juggling a whole slew of dates for our Room Scheduler Calendar (from BrownBear Software), I set out to remember how.

While I stumbled upon some of the same solutions that Chris later re-tweeted, I found that you can use Mozilla Sunbird calendar program--available as a free software solution on all platforms--to blend the calendar (ics) files, whether they originated in GoogleCalendar, Mac's iCal program, or somewhere else.

Sure enough, Mozilla Sunbird not only allows you to easily import multiple calendar files (ics) no matter their source, but you can also export to comma-delimited format (CSV for easy entry into a spreadsheet or database program), as well as HTML web page.

Other solutions Chris encountered and retweeted from Mike Amante (neat name!):

From the second web site:

iCal could be a great tool to keep track of the amount of time you put on a project, but it cannot do basic stats : For example, you cannot know how much time you worked on a specific project.

For this reason, I wrote a very basic program that converts the calendars from iCal to a CSV (comma-separated values) file, so it becomes possible to manipulate all the events from a calendar in your favorite spreadsheet.

Of course, it's not the only game in town. Sunbird does the job, too!

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