DiigoNotes - No more National Writing Project? Funding Cut

    • Contact your Congressional representatives TODAY to support DIRECT funding for NWP!
    • On February 1, the Obama Administration released its budget proposal. In that budget, the design for DOE funding has NWP consolidated with that of five other literacy programs, including our good colleagues at RIF, under a new competitive grants program aimed at improving literacy instruction. In order to secure the funding offered under this program, state education agencies would compete for funds, alone or in partnership with outside entities (such as a writing project site or an institution of higher education). Successful states would not be required to use the funds previously allocated to NWP to support of their writing projects or their professional development programs.
    • At the very least, this would mean zero direct funding for the National Writing Project and its national network of sites, and no funding possible for any local site in a state that chose not to compete or was unsuccessful in competing for this funding. There is no expectation that all states seeking funds for their local projects, no matter how successful they have been, would succeed. NWP has a highly successful national infrastructure that works to put the writing project experience within reach of every teacher. This infrastructure is put at risk by this funding strategy.
    • We need to contact our legislators this week, if possible, before the education budget is presented) to ask for their support for the NWP. As all of you know, the NWP network enables successful teachers in diverse communities across the country to collaborate with and learn from one another to improve student achievement. Our network serves all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands -- so each of your legislators has an interest in preserving your services for young people in your area. Write or call today to encourage your House Representatives to continue their support of direct funding to NWP!
    • Kelsey Krausen is available by e-mail at kkrausen@nwp.org to answer your questions. Or, post questions and comments here in the ning by joining the discussion below.

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