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DiigoNotes - Phoebe Prince, 15, Commits Suicide After Onslaught of Cyber-Bullying From Fellow Students

Phoebe Prince, 15, Commits Suicide After Onslaught of Cyber-Bullying From Fellow Students - True Crime ReportPhoebe Prince, 15, Commits Suicide After Onslaught of Cyber-Bullying From Fellow Students By Pete Kotz in classroom creepiness Thursday, Jan. 28 2010 @ 11:56AM Her principal called her smart and charming. And a boy had just invited 15-year-old Irish immigrant Phoebe Prince to the winter cotillion, the height of the social season at South Hadley High School in Massachusetts. But then police received a call. police say she was a victim of cyber-bullying from girls at the school who had an unspecified beef with her over who she was dating. Phoebe apparently faced an onslaught of bullying via texts, Facebook messages, and in person at the school.
"Apparently the young woman had been subjected to taunting from her classmates, mostly through the Facebook and text messages, but also in person on at least a couple of occasions,'' school superint…

MyNotes - Tennessee teen expelled for Facebook posting

Tennessee teen expelled for Facebook posting - Tennessee teen expelled for Facebook posting Taylor Cummings was a popular basketball star on the verge of graduating from one of Nashville's most prestigious high schools until a post on Facebook got him expelled. After weeks of butting heads with his coaches, Taylor, 17, logged on to the popular social networking site from home Jan. 3. He typed his frustrations for the online world to see: "I'ma kill em all. I'ma bust this (expletive) up from the inside like nobody's ever done before." Taylor said the threat wasn't real. School officials said they can't take any chances. But the case highlights the boundaries between socializing in person at school and online at home. It also calls into question the latitude school officials have in disciplining students for their conduct online. Since the suicide of a Missouri teenager who was harassed online in 2006, news reports show school officials have beco…

Save NESA - Partners Meeting @neisd

The Save NorthEast ISD's School of the Arts (NESA) is having a meeting on are the details....pARTners will have a meeting Sunday (tomorrow) afternoon at the Performing Arts San Antonio site at 5:00 pm.PASA address is: 15717 San Pedro, San Antonio 78232 – phone 210-557-1187. We will have sign-ups for our new committees; discuss the strategy for the Board meeting; and if time allows, break into committee groups.Don’t forget to join our NESA pARTners Yahoo Group at full email below:Sent: 1/30/2010 11:14:31 A.M. Central Standard TimeSubj: Special called pARTners Meeting OK - - - call to action. Reps, please forward to all of your contacts. The NEISD School Board is having a special called meeting this next Monday, February 1st. The agenda is attached. Dr Middleton will present his recommendations to the School Board. It will basically be the same that he presented on January 21st at Lee and there will not be board …

Implementing Mobile Devices in School Districts

Last week, Roland Rios (Fort Sam Houston ISD) asked, "Do you all have iPhones for your administrators? If so, who is your contact at AT&T?"Of course, the answer is NO. We're using iPod Touch devices in my District, although an undetermined number of principals are investing in iPhones as a result. Eduphoria Appraise is the product of choice for conducting staff appraisals and walkthroughs, aggregating data, etc.That said, the question Roland asked was one I didn't have a clue about. So, I sent out a tweet and received some responses!Ms. Foxworth (Lexington, South Carolina) shared the primary contact for iPhone initiative here. I'm appreciative to the information and ideas shared by those who responded!!One of the curious responses that jumped out at me was the one by Shawn Roner (, who mentions he's using Android phones! I followed up with a few questions, and he's shared some of the issues he is working through...and it seems those issues …

Curious Android App Choices

Ask David Jakes a question and he'll tell you about something you don't least, that is how it worked for me! My question was, "What are your favorite Android OS (phone) apps?" This is a question of interest since it's far easier to tweet and ask someone what their favorite apps are than to search through the zillions that are out there all by yourself (time-consuming but fun, I mean).While you can find my list here, which I update constantly, I was pleasantly surprised by his responses:Layar, an Augmented Reality Browser - This is described on the web site as "a free application on your mobile phone which shows what is around you by displaying real time digital information on top of reality through the camera of your mobile phone."EverNote - which is a web clipping service I haven't quite gotten into yet.ShapeWriter - an app that works off gestures you make that allow you to write. Regrettably, gesture work isn't for me (I hated it on …

700 mhz band announcement

Thanks to Joel Adkins for sharing this tidbit via email:Under a new FCC rule, anyone who uses a wireless microphone thatoperates in the 700 MHz Band must stop operating their wirelessmicrophone no later than June 12, 2010. All users of 700 MHz Bandwireless microphones (and similar devices) - including theaters,churches, schools, conference centers, theme parks, and musicians --will need to retune (where possible) or replace their wirelessmicrophone equipment with other microphone devices no later than June 12, 2010. This action helps complete an important component of the DTV Transition by clearing the 700 MHz band to enable the rollout of communications services for public safety and the deployment of next generation 4G wireless devices for consumers.For further information, please visit the website
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Name Your Workshop Price

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Over the last year, I've been wanting to try this out, but haven't since I've been a bit busy. I'm probably breaking a few rules here, but why not give it a shot? If you think this offer could be improved, or I'm just plumb crazy, please let me know in the comments! How could this be even better?For the months of February and March, 2010, I'm announcing a special workshop presentation special! My usual rate is about $1500 per day, however, for these two months, I'm inviting you to NAME YOUR WORKSHOP PRICE. That's right, you can tell me how much you want to pay, and we'll see if we can make it work! (fine print further on down)Request a workshop online.Some featured workshops include the following:Workshop ListOr make up your own and send it over. The fine print? Uh, yeah, I guess so. Here's some of it: I have to be within 500 miles of San Antonio, Tx. You cover mile…

GoogleApps in Education - Prince George's County Public Schools

A few days ago, I shared a new survey trying to garner information regarding the use of GoogleApps for Education in large school districts. You can see the results so far, as well as contribute the information for your school district. I have to ask, how come Google itself hasn't captured this information and shared it? Or, is it enough to make the tools to accomplish the data collection available to its users sufficient?Schools that responded include:Mankato Public Schools, where the venerable Doug Johnson presidesEdna ISDRoundRock ISDOf that search, I have to admit that the "motherlode" discovered was one Jeff Keitner brought to my attention--Prince George's County Public Schools in Maryland, USA. It's pretty amazing all the hard work they did to make the transition from MS Exchange to GoogleApps for staff (note update below). It's also an excellent blend of leadership and management to make the transition!More importantly, the transition of such a large di…

Pink Jacket Award - Making It Happen

As I mentioned earlier this week, the TCEA TEC-SIG organization is getting ready to vote on its selection for the Making It Happen Award (from ISTE), also known as the "Pink Jacket" Award. There are some tremendous candidates going forward, and I hope that like in 2009, there will be two selected. But I want to be completely up front and say that I think every one of the nominees should receive a Pink Jacket Award.In fact, let me say that again--each one of these ladies has done a tremendous job in enhancing technology. I could give examples for each, but that might make this blog entry more of an adoration than a simple sharing of who the nominees are. I've had the opportunity to work with Barbara, Jennifer and Paula in various capacities, and think highly of them.In alphabetical order, nominees include the following:Barbara Brown -
Barbara Brown is a true servant leader whose commitment to teachers and students is beyond compare. She works unfailingly to ensure that e…

DiigoNotes - Colleges See 17 Percent Increase in Online Enrollment

Wired Campus - The Chronicle of Higher EducationJanuary 26, 2010, 12:00 PM ETColleges See 17 Percent Increase in Online EnrollmentBy Marc Parry Colleges saw a 17 percent increase in online enrollment, with more than one in four students taking at least one online course in the fall of 2008, according to the findings of an annual survey published on Tuesday by the Sloan Consortium. The report found a total of more than 4.6-million online students overall. That's up from about 3.9 million the previous year. "For us to grow, it’s going to be online until that money is freed up again," Bad economic times, which traditionally drive more people back to school, are having a particularly strong impact on demand for online courses. Seventy-three percent of institutions report increased demand for existing online courses, compared with 54 percent for face-to-face. Sixty-six percent report increased demand for new online courses. And students are clamoring for distance education at coll…

Job Posting - TCEA Seeks To Build Its Team

While others are letting people go, the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) is seeking to build an awesome team! Are you up for the job? Check this information out!TCEA is currently accepting applications for the new position of Advocate and for the addition of a second Training Director. Job descriptions for each of these positions are attached.The Advocate will work as a lobbyist with the SBOE and the Texas Legislature to further the causes of the TCEA membership. The Training Director will develop and conduct professional development sessions in Austin at the TCEA office and around the state.Letters of interest and resumes should be submitted to Lori Gracey ( by Feb. 26. These positions will start April 5, 2010.I encourage you to apply and to join us as we work for the teachers and students of Texas!Lori GraceyExecutive DirectorTexas Computer Education Association(512) 450-5400
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Get MS Exchange on Android (Updated 07/21/2010)

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After spending some time suffering through Motoblur's efforts to show my MS Exchange email on my Android phone (a Motorola Cliq), I stumbled through some forums after a google search. Eureka!
Dataviz' RoadSync installed without problem on the Android and is now on my list of must have apps for the Android phone. Also, it's available for $9.99 for a limited time (rather than $19.99) so I encourage anyone using an Android that has to have MS Exchange email/calendar and contacts access to buy it (how's that for an endorsement based on a few hours of playing around with it?).
Based on Exchange ActiveSync technology licensed directly from Microsoft, RoadSync provides secure, wireless and direct push synchronization of corporate e-mail, calendar, contacts and attachments - all in one affordable, scalable and easy to manage package.
RoadSync for Android is exclusively available…

DigoNotes - Teenagers' Behavior Carries Over Onto Facebook, Myspace

Teenagers' Behavior Carries Over Onto Facebook, MyspaceTeenagers' Behavior Carries Over Onto Facebook, Myspace A new study conducted by University of Virginia psychologists suggests that well-adapted youth with positive friendships will use social networking sites like facebook and myspace to enhance the positive relationships they already have. The study also indicates, however, that teens who have behavioral problems and difficulty making friends, or who are depressed, may be more inclined to use social media in negative and sometimes aggressive ways, or not to use such sites at all. The study appears in the January issue of Developmental Psychology. Researchers assessed the friendship quality and popularity of 172 13- to 14-year-olds, and then, eight years later, "friended" the study participants on their Facebook and MySpace pages to examine their interactions and friendship quality in those domains. youths who were better adjusted in their early teens were more like…

The Writer Who Leads

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The challenge of sharing what you do, even if it seems inconsequential and worthless to you, is fundamental to education practice. When I began writing about the work I was doing in my classroom, I was responding to a need to process what I was experiencing with using technology with students, and encouraging them to do the same. The writing came about because it seemed perfectly natural to write about students and their work.The "model" I followed for writing came from reading books like Nanci Atwell's "In the Middle," one of the main books that guided my approach to establishing Writing Workshops (reading, too) in my classrooms over the years. Yet, I find Nanci's writing also served as a model for me to follow when *I* began writing articles for publication. My first paid published article was The Bilingual Technologist, although the editor of the magazine changed it significantly. I later publi…

Insignificant - GTA for Administrators Application

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"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it."
--Mahatma GandhiThanks to all--especially Clif Mims, Kevin Jarrett, Henry Thiele, Wes Fryer and other commenters--who encouraged me to apply for the GTA for Administrators. In the end, I couldn't see myself NOT trying to participate in the GTA, especially when it was being held in San Antonio, Tx. If my application is rejected, I can go about my business happily, knowing that someone worthier will have been accepted.

You can catalog my journey (in reverse chronological order):
Rumor and Myth - GoogleApps for EducationAegis of Google Leadership5 Google-Powered Leadership ExpectationsBe a Pepper, Too
GTA for Admin - IneffableNo excuses video
Google Apps in the ClassroomDigital Crescent - How Does Your Team Collaborate?

And, no doubts as to the quality of my video. It stinks. I've seen plen…

My Favorite Android Apps (Updated 12/31/2011)

Note: This list has been massively updated. Find the 01/01/2012 list online here.

Updated 10/26/2010

Since February, 2010--when the Motorola Cliqs, which run Android OS on them, came in, the entire family has been discovering and sharing new apps with each other. It's impossible to find all the perfect apps, so I see this as a recursive process of discovering, exploration of possibilities, deletion or selection. Simply, lots of fun!

You may also want to read Education Apps for Android.

Here are some of the FREE Android Apps (don't expect to find a for pay one on this list, ok, maybe one) that have risen to the top. I am amazed at the computing power on the Android available through the apps and how easy it is to manipulate data, etc. on them.
Note:Links for the title of the android apps will take you to theAndroid Library, well worth exploring on your computer to save you scanning a small screen! You might also want toexplore theAndroid Market.

Updated Top 10 List (10/26/2010)
After …