Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vimeo for School District Video Streaming?

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This morning, I woke up remembering a suggestion someone had made for a commercial web site...instead of hosting the video yourself--all that high def goodness in large packages--it might be a better bet to get Vimeo to host it. For $60 a year, you can get the Vimeo Plus account with a variety of features...

Pretty amazing when you consider everything you get...for $60 a year, or as they point out, 16cents per day. Here are some of the features I like (aside from what's shown above):
  • Customizable Player - Now you can customize almost every single aspect of the player. Don't want the playbar? Take it out. Want to choose what happens at the end of the video? Of course you do. There are so many options, it might just blow your mind.
  • 25,000 free HD embed plays with purchase
  • Hide your videos from playing on Vimeo but allow embedded videos on other sites to see them (great for a school district posting videos on their own web site but not wanting them viewed on Vimeo)
Any school districts or non-profits using Vimeo Plus account for hosting?

Update: Moodle 2.x also has built-in support for Vimeo video embedding!

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Aaron said...

We have been using Vimeo for our school district for about 6 months. So far so good.
Here is our channel
and here is a page where we embed the videos into our site:

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