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One of the things I've agonized--perhaps, needlessly--has been 4 presentations on Moodle for the SOSCON09 presentation. While I always agonize about my presentations, it's been particularly difficult knowing that I'll be presenting to such a high-tech audience like those I'll find at SOSCON09, as well as classroom teachers visiting from Honey Grove ISD.

Through an error in my workshop submission process, I ended up with FIVE, rather than 4, presentations on Moodle. So, here are the 4 workshops I'm doing:
and the fifth is Interactive Learning Tools. As a result, I may end up focusing on Hot Potatoes use in this last session. . .or maybe, no one will show up and I'll be able to sneak into one of the other exciting presos taking place (fingers crossed).

Part of preparing for these presentations meant relying on the awesome community that surrounds Moodle. I'd like to thank the following folks for their help:

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