Classroom 2.0 and Moodle - March 14, 2009

Mark your calendars and be prepared to share all the exciting stuff you're doing with Moodle. We'll be chatting about Moodle soon! Obviously, I've dropped everything else and I'm geeking out on Moodle learning new stuff that is probably obvious to everyone else!! Nevertheless, there is always somewhere to start and learn and that's where I'm at. More about the format for the Classroom 2.0 LIVE!:
Brief description of weekly sessions will be a compilation of the following:
1. A specific topic will be discussed each so you can be prepared to bring links, ideas, tools you'd like to share.

2. The "Newbie Question of the Week" (pre-announced so participants can bring answers)

3. Open mic/chat to share/ask questions about learning/discovery highlights from the previous week.
4. "Weekly Read" segment featuring a selected book/blog post/article to discuss.
5. Plans and topic for the next week's show with an invitation to join us for future sessions.
On March 14, 2009 (Saturday) at 11:00 AM CST (San Antonio, Tx time), I'll get to participate in one of those exclusive Classroom 2.0 LIVE chats. I have to admit, I'm nervous. It's been awhile since I've participated in any conversation and listing me as the "guest" always gets me tongue-tied. After all, it lacks the certitude of a keynote presentation where I control the content and the venue, and is more open-ended. What if I don't live up to the hype? (what hype? sheesh!)

Here's the kind invite:
Hi Miguel! We would love to have you on our show on one of the next few Saturdays. I don’t know if you are free on March 14 and if not, please suggest a date. We were thinking of having you talk about podcasting, digital storytelling or a topic of your choice. Let us know which upcoming Saturday is best for you and what topic you would like to discuss that day. I look forward to hearing from you soon!
And my response:
Howdy! March 14th works for me. How about Moodle usage in a K-12 district? Encourage folks to share how they're using Moodle in THEIR teaching, learning and leading environment? Ask them to share their top 5 challenges, as well as their top 5 success stories as STORIES, not just a paragraph of text.


I'm kinda bored on podcasting, storytelling, etc. Even though that other stuff is fun, Moodle is what I'm learning now.
Will that work?

For resources, you could share:
  1. Moodle Mambo -
  2. Moodle Habitudes -
  3. Moodle Tips Roundup -
I'm also working on an article series for online professional learning using Moodle.

Thanks for asking.
March 14th seems like right around the corner...I've some big events between now and then, but fortunately, I just finished writing 4 articles for publication, including:
  • Moodle Habitudes: Constructing Online Learning Environments (For TCEA TECHEDGE)
  • Engage the Body: Wii Get Fit Together! (For TCEA TECHEDGE)
  • Download a la Mode: Netbooks go Viral (For TCEA TECHEDGE)
  • Moodle-izing the Education Enterprise (Part 1) (For Education World)
and I'm working on a series for the Massachusetts CUE (MassCUE), which is fund to plan and write. Not surprisingly, I have tons of materials to build on, which makes Moodle like the perfect learning topic for me to write about...and since I'm learning it fresh, that gives me the opportunity to approach it from that angle.

There are only a few other Moodle Tips I want to crank out that I've learned in the last few weeks of using Moodle so intensely. I hope when I reach the end of that rope, there will be something else to jump onto.

In the meantime, I hope you'll join the Classroom 2.0 folks and I and share your STORIES of using Moodle.

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