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TCEA2009 Photo Gallery

Tim Holt has created a "place" for TCEA 2009 State Conference participants to contribute photos. While I applaud the idea, wouldn't it just have been easier to encourage folks to tag their photos with "TCEA2009" and aggregate the contributions across networks?

And, another concern...while Tim's a great guy, why should anyone contribute to a site that is just his? There's no mention of creative commons copyright on these photos...what happens if I contribute photos to his site and then he decides to take the site down?
Hi everyone!

I have created a photo gallery for anyone and everyone to share images from the upcoming TCEA 2009 in Austin. Currently there are no photos except a placeholder.

Here is the URL of the gallery:

Subscribe to the photo feed here:

You have the ability to upload images remotely from your mobile device or via email by sending your photo here:

On t…

TCEA 2009 State Conference Schedule

Below are my must-attend meetings at TCEA. Otherwise, I'll be attending sessions and podcasting/blogging to get as much info to share with my district folks, and, of course, with you at Around the Corner.

As I shared previously, I'm skipping ALL vendor-sponsored meals/receptions/ means there will be more food and drink for the rest of you!

Here are some of the workshops (first time in 9 years I'm attending a paid workshop. I hope whomever is teaching this is on the ball! I'll be blogging you!):
TCEA Conference Workshops
2/2/2009 12:00pm-3:00pm
90663 Adobe Captivate is Too Dang Slick!($95)

2/3/2009 8:00am-11:00am
90810 Rev Up Your Reading and Writing Classrooms with Techn($95)Some free events I'll be attending and podcasting:
2/3/2009 8:00am-3:30pm
90804 Technology Applications K-12 Teacher Network Event($0)(n/c)

TexTan - 4:00-6:00PM - Ballroom A
(I'm the official podcaster for this session! How fun!)

And, some required meetings:
9:00 AM-10:00 AM

UbuntuLinux Goes Home with Students

A colleague emailed me, "We're sending home 100 computers loaded with UbuntuLinux 8.04 for students. What other applications would you think would be good for HS students, MS and ES students?"

My first instinct was to suggest EDUbuntu Intrepid 8.10, but the machines ARE a little old (it's the Dell GX240...view this link to see specs). So, maybe Edubuntu 8.04 is the way to go because of the software pre-installed and that it's an older machine.

I'm not sure if that has a bearing on the matter...UbuntuLinux isn't like upgrading from Windows 98 to Vista. I need to check what runs best on a Dell GX240, which is about 6 years old. Ideas?

My colleague shared that they would be loading this software, if it wasn't already:
AVG Free Anti-Virus
Open OfficeJavaVLC (which plays quicktime, flash, shockwave, etc)Adobe ReaderFirefoxI recommended loading CMAP Tools, graphic organizer software. The Strategic Open Source SIG (TCEA) suggested these titles:
PidginXirc KinoSPE …

Survey for CTOs/Technology Directors

Please fill in the following...summary results are now shared below the survey. You can see the raw results here (HTML | OpenOffice | Excel).


30responses SummarySee complete responsesName CCM, Darin King, Duane Shaw, Cuero ISD, Don HIndsley, Abilene ISD, Kari Rhame, Anna White, M G Durrant, Steve Van Dyk, John Kain, Scott S. Floyd, Chris Champion, Paula, Karen Brooks, Rob Miller, Con... How many schools are in your district? 1, 23, 18, 5, 5, 3, 23, 15, 3, 3, 3, 12, 4, 1, 11, 6, 34, 15, 6, 98, 45, 7, 13, 10, 7, 27, 6, 6, 3, 11 What is your approximate Average Daily Attendance? 1294, 21000, 7000, 3750, 1850, 320, 16,000, 12400, 1324, 170, 975, 9000, 1350, 850, 5000, 3600, 97%, 11,200, 3850, 58987, 27000, 5,050, 9.300, 3700, 5500, 20000, 4900, 3200, 98%, 7000 How many instructional technology staff do you have serving those schools? 0, 11, 20 FTE's, 1 plus helpers, 1.5, 1, 5, 17, 1, 1, 0, 3, 1, 1, 1, 1, 6, 3, 21/3, 6, 18, 7 (elemetary positions also teach tech apps as part of specia…

TASA 2009 - REL Southwest

Note: Podcast being processed. Podcasting permission granted by presenter.Kristin Michell (the presenter), Director of Technical Assistance, was kind enough to send me a note yesterday. Her presentation style was quite vivacious and engaging.

Here's the note and my session notes follow afterwards:
Thanks for attending and blogging about my session yesterday, it was nice to meet you. I wanted to send two resources per our discussion of online professional development and online learning yesterday. First, I wanted to share the ED-Funded evaluation that was conducted by Mathematica which looked at Ed Tech across over 15 instructional technology interventions for students – it is the large scale study I mentioned yesterday. NATIONAL STUDY OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY INTERVENTIONS, I mentioned that I had worked on a publication about Evaluating Online Learning for the US Department of Education’s Office of Innovation and Improvem…

Podcast: What Administrators Need to Know about 1 to 1

Podcast of presentation "What Administrators Need to Know about Implementing a 1 to 1 Computing Program." Please be sure to click on READ MY NOTES below to see more information, including authors, etc.

Listen to Podcast (listen online at the Internet Archive) and/or read my notes (which include the Powerpoint slide information)

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Podcast: Make New Media Work

Just finished posting the podcast from the TASA 2009 session:

Listen to "Online On-Time: Making the New Media Work for You.

(or listen online at the Internet Archive)

Read notes online.

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Copyright Question and DMCA

The following copyright scenario was shared...
We have a faculty member that has several older VHS tapes of stuff she has bought in ht epast, not recorded off the TV etc. and want to put them on DVD. She clams that they are either no longer available or not available on DVD. What is the legality of doing such. Violate copyrights yes or no?The person who asked the question, after receiving various responses, finally posted the following in response to his own question:
Well folks after lots of research, advice and expert opinions (including Dr. Carol Simpson) here is the answer, kind of. If the VHS video is available on DVD then it is probably a violation, If the VHS video is NOT available on DVD AND the equipment is cannot be purchased on the commercial marketplace then under DMCA the transfer can be made to another format. VHS players are available at Walmart and other places and pretty cheap. Below is an excerpt of Dr. Simpson's reply concering other issues of the process: "If …

TCEA 2009 State Conference-Helps You Have a Voice in the Legislative Process

Update: Date change noted below.

TCEA 2009 State Conference--Helps You Have a Voice in the Legislative Process

Have you ever wished you had a voice in the legislative process? Wished that you knew how to communicate with your elected officials?

Advocacy Training
TCEA is adding an advocacy training to the convention program. It will be:

Wednesday, February 4th (4:00 - 5:00) (Date Change)
Room 4-A

Brook Gregg, the ATPE Governmental Relations Director will share ways in which an educator can advocate for legislative positions both legally and effectively.

Come learn how to "Accelerate Technology" using the legislative process. This session is FREE and is open to all. I hope you can join us!

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Free Ubuntu PocketGuide

Take advantage of this free pocket guide!!
The PDF Edition (eBook) is entirely free of charge and is identical to the print edition. Over 100,000 people have already downloaded it! Grab the PDF or click here to tell a friend!

Written by award-winning author Keir Thomas, Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference is a totally unique and concise guide for everyday Ubuntu use. It is the world's most popular and widely-read Ubuntu book! Focuses on core competencies and background knowledge needed to be an expert Ubuntu user;Readable, accessible, and easy to understand—even if you've never used Linux before;100% new and original! Written from the ground-up to cover Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10.Check it out!
via Scott Floyd

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House Stimulus Bill Information

From a colleague....
The National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities has a very detailed summary on their web site of the proposed House Stimulus Bill. Details include what can be spent, and where it can be spent in regards to construction and technology. This bill still has to get approved and go to the Senate, but both bills are on a really fast track.
Funding amounts are:-- School modernization, renovation, and repair, $14 billion.-- Higher education modernization, renovation, and repair, $6 billion.-- Education technology, $1 billion.The U.S. Department of Education would have 30 days to allocate funds to the states, and the states would have 30 days to allocate funds to local school districts.

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Your Blog or Your Job - 2006 Revisited

I left this comment on Steve Dembo's query, Your Blog or Your Job?, back in November, 2006. On re-reading it, I hold it to be even MORE true. How about for you?

If you’re a fly-by-night blog author, where the writing is really about letting your hair down and blasting everybody in sight, then sure…the blog has to go. But, if your blog is really about conversations with other folks, about exploring new ideas and learning, then it’s simple as well…the blog is chosen.You see, in a Read/Write Web world, if you compromise your learning, your reflection on your work, and interactions with other professionals, and that compromise is valued by your employer, then you lose more than just a job. You lose the freedom to cogitate, communicate, and collaborate in a connected world. In a world where we each can stand up and speak without fear to oppression, to make our case known and not be dependent on an employer to unequivocally represent reality in a distorted, one-dimensional way…freedom of…

Posting Podcasts on

Looking for a free podcast host that never says "no?" Well, maybe never...but the Internet Archive is a terrific place to post content you don't mind just throwing out there into the Internet wilderness, with no hope of control!!

At the TASA 2009 Midwinters Conference, I found myself unable to quickly upload to (15 to 50 meg files) and found myself re-considering the Internet Archive. You can get an account for free at and post a variety of content.

It's as easy as clicking on "UPLOAD" to get going (once you get your account).

In the past you had to do FTP and it was a pain. It's a LOT easier now. For fun, here is a list of everything I have posted on'm sure some readers have MORE content out there (like Wes Fryer). It sure is fun listening to some of my early podcasts...I can't tell you how self-conscious I am doing these. I always marvel at folks that are up into their 200th podcast. Wow!

Anyways, her…