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Joyce on Transparency

Joyce Valenza (Web Site | Blog) is wonderfully articulate, especially on a spur of the moment, poorly edited (that's my fault), podcast. I LOVE what she has to say initially about transparency and how her words will reflect who she is. She also touches on important topics like branding teacher-librarians (or something like that). Be sure to listen to Joyce, a professional who can have fun and isn't a party-pooper. You can catch how she recorded my fun (I hope) talk on her Cowboy Boot Documentary. She used her new FLIP Mino to record the documentary and then did LOTS of editing . Listen to this quick chat with JoyceRelevant Links:Dr. Joyce Valenza's web site and School Library Journal NeverEndingSearch blogSteve Dembo ( Mino CameraFind out more about Charles Goodnight

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Successful Bond Campaigns

"Successful Bond Campaigns- Making the Case for Technology" was the title of a Texas CTO Clinic presentation facilitated by Vicki Smith Bigham (Email: You can read my notes for this presentation here, but you'll want to listen to the podcast to catch some of the points that were made too quickly for me to catch!
Also, my apologies to Vicki, but I cut her introduction out due to the poor quality of the audio and started with Gray Salada's introduction.
Panel members included the following:
Gray Salada (Austin ISD)Karen Fuller (Klein ISD)Lenny Schad (Katy ISD) Listen to Podcast
Some of the important take-aways:
What is the baseline for technology that needs to be a component of the bond issue? That needs to be our replacements cycle. PC, laptop, server replacements and network retrofits. These are standard brick-n-mortar and our community expects it.Public understands the retrofit, but we have to put C&I in front of that. It gets the public to see th…