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Why Teachers Use Web 2.0

In a wonderfully written rebuttal of Web 2.0 in education, Gary Stager makes a variety of assertions. The blog entry is a refreshing view of the Read/Write Web from a different point of view that most of us are accustomed to--you know, the worshipful view that the Read/Write Web will change the world if only we make a few changes in our own teaching, learning and leading practice. His insights aren't off target. In fact, he is so convincing to a failed technology integration instructional technologist like me that I am almost persuaded. Yet, the Read/Write Web has never been about the tools that emerge daily to challenge what Stager writes... Most schools have demonstrated an inability to trust teachers and kids online and as a result create insane barriers to teachers using the Web in an educational fashion. Again and again, Stager makes the point that there is no researc…