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Asus Eee Netbook

(Note: Right-click to View Image at Higher Resolution) Catching up on my Slashdot reading and saw a link to the ASUS Eee PC hand's on preview. Anyone else seen this? ...ASUS Eee PC, a small, slim, and light portable computer that is priced at $199. The Eee PC is running a version of Intel’s 910 mobile chipset, it uses a 900MHz Intel Dothan based Pentium M CPU, it has 512MB of DDR2 memory, full 802.11g wireless capability, and a flash-based hard drive. There will be at least two different models of the Eee PC, with the $199 version using a 4GB flash hard drive and the $299 version using a 8GB drive...The Eee PC weighs in at only .89 kilograms, which translates to just around 2 pounds. The keyboard on the Eee PC is slightly crammed and smaller than most notebook keyboards due to the Eee PC’s smaller form factor. It very closely resembles the size of the keyboard used in the Dell …