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Be the Animal

This is a sample lesson on using blogs for publishing student writing in 2nd grade. CONTENT AREA: Writing GRADE LEVEL: 2 UNIT TOPIC: Writing about a real or imaginary trip

CONTENT OBJECTIVE(S): From TEKS Grade 2 4A - Use vocabulary to describe ideas, feelings, and experiences14B - Write to discover, develop and refine ideas18A - Generate ideas for writing by using prewriting techniques such as drawing or listing18E - Use technology for writing: word processing, spell checking, printingRESOURCES/MATERIALS: 1. Computers 2. Internet access 3. Class Blogmeister Accounts LESSON PROCEDURE: Some background info: The idea for I wish poems comes from Kenneth Koch's Wishes, Lies, and Dreams. Day 1 - MiniLesson: Pre-Writing Share the following with students:
In class, you've been working on a story about taking a trip. Today, we're going to play with words to make a poem. Poems can tell a story using word pictures. Here are a few pictures of animals to get you thinking. We're going to make a p…