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Change the World

When I worked as a teacher in Cotulla ISD, Cotulla, Tx--same place as Lyndon Baines Johnson taught, BTW--I taught reading and writing. I have to say, my kids would walk out of my class completely worn-out and there was great writing going on. Why was it great? It was great because it was real, rooted in their life experiences, like the Josefina's story of catching rattlesnakes (you wouldn't doubt a fifth grader if you saw what she looked like). Poetry, narrative, whatever form/function, didn't matter. I was also learning how to teach, and writing with my students.
It was their efforts that made me thirsty for more learning, more strategies, more approaches to facilitating their writing and reading. Two of the graduate level classes I took that first semester at the University of Texas at San Antonio, on writing (Dr. Curt Hayes) and reading (Dr. Carolyn Kessler), were critical to my success. No, critical just doesn't get at it enough. It's closer to what A…