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Students Writing

Yesterday, I spent my entire day at a UIL competition. All day. No
connectivity. No computer. No internet...and, I had a GREAT time.

One of the frustrations I have had with the way writing is taught in
most schools--this stems from my wonderful experiences as a writing
teacher--is that so little is done in the "creative" writing vein. I see
creative writing as a terrible term to use, but for me, a more
indicative statement is that it is self-directed writing. That is,
writing that does not come as a result of a prompt or some specific
exercise. While it is possible to introduce the genres students can
explore, they are not necessarily limited to writing just ONE piece in
that particular genre or style. Instead, they can do the writing in that
genre/style, then go on to write about other things. Their writing is
self-directed, and my task is to help them focus that writing and
facilitate publis…

What's a blog?

I've struggled with how to best define a me, it seems so much
like just an empty book of white pages. You fill them up with sketches,
pictures, text...anything that is meaningful to you. I imagine it to be
like a naturalist's notebook, where you can tape in a picture of a
butterfly if you want to...but now, people can comment on what you've
chosen to put in that book. empty notebook can ... be a sketch book, a novel, an exercise
book, a dictionary, or an infinite variety of other things, depending
entirely on content. Equally, a blog can also be a tool for
disseminating important news, or a project log, or a team building tool,
or a marketing tool, or whatever its user chooses to make it.
Charman on Exploding the Diary Myth

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