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Take the Green Pill - Blog!

I want to know what all of these teachers are thinking. What is your
purpose? Why are you into podcasting/blogging/videocasting? What do you
hope to get out of it? Is your a blog a place to place your thoughts? A
social mechanism or do you actually have a secret mission statement? Are
you lost?
Question Asked by
Michael's HelpDesk

Why blog? That's the question Michael is asking in his blog entry.
Before we jump into that, I'd like to comment on something that Michael
wrote in a comment
he left regarding this
blog entry
.He wrote:

Normally I don't like to drop any link, but in this case I think you'd
be very interested to read my blog. We have some very similar beliefs
and I'm hoping to work with people like you in the future to help get
the word out about digital literacy.

The reason why you dropped a link is the same reason many blog--to reach
out and know we're not …

New Workforce Attitudes

Listened to this podcast
from the Gartner Group
on a new workforce attitudes...thanks to Ken
Task for sharing it with me!

Here are my rough notes. This has profound implications for
educators, but especially, Information Tech (IT) folks working in school

Defined by many as the Net Generation. People who have grown up with
technology (the baby boom echo, ranging from 8-28 years old). They've
used tech since they were old enough to use technology, view it as
important in their life, and have a better understanding of consumer
tech than most IT professions. They have different values and attitudes.

Their personal expectations about work, lifestyle are different.

Interactions at work will be non-hiearchical. They should be able to
interact with all levels at the hiearchy. It's about value creation. You
need to value my contributions from the start. Very community oriented,
it's no…