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Today, I stumbled across 4 blog entries that seemed to relate to the
same theme--Change. Sure, there were tons more to wade through,
including mine, but I found myself drawn to these stories.
The last blog entry I read--and, probably didn't understand completely
because it was so thick, dense with ideas...compacted---was one
from Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
. I'm fortunate to find my way through
even one of her blog entries, since there is so much rich stuff there.
One of the ideas that jumped off the screen at me was this one:

Rather reflection in action, transparency in our process via
with experts on the Web will enables us to spend time
exploring why we acted as we did, what was happening in a group and so
on and inform our practice as we move forward. In so doing we develop
sets of questions/answers and this informs our ideas about our
activities and practice

Often, in school settings, the pool of people par…