Article Roundup

Article Roundup

Interested in a particular subject? Although you can easily peruse the labels assigned to specific blog entries, I've taken some of my favorite posts and gathered them into a "roundup" post for your review. I usually write the roundup post at the end of the series!

  1. Bring Your Own Technology/Device - This series covers many of the BYOD/BYOT blog entries I've crafted over time.
  2. Chief Technology Officer's (CTO) Role - This series is focused on exploring the responsibilities of the CTO, as well as offering advice as to how to best approach that role.
  3. Crucial Conversations/Confrontations - This series focuses on exploring crucial conversations and confrontations in educational technology.
  4. Exploring Different Linux Distros - It's quite a bit of fun to explore Linux distributions and this series includes some of my most helpful, useful posts on the subject, including software recommendations.
  5. iPad Series - When I started writing about the iPad, I had some serious misgivings about their use in schools. This series explores management issues relevant to iPad, as well as shares resources and arguments for/against, research on iPads in K-16 education.
  6. Social Media in Schools - Wondering about using social media/networking tools in schools? Check out this series of blog entries on the subject to get you up to speed!

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